Blogger Love: Kindles & Wine

Happy Friday!

I mentioned earlier on the blog that each month I am going to do a shout-out to a blog that has moved me in some way, whether it is the blog content itself or the people behind the blog. To kick things off, I want to introduce you all to Kindles & Wine!

Kindles & Wine is a book review blog made up of several reviewers with the administrator known as Kindle Gal. From what I have experienced, they read just about any genre you can imagine. They post the most awesome reviews, pair the book with just the right type of wine and almost always include an interview and giveaway with each post. It is a great place to interact with readers, too, because they have such a loyal following! The atmosphere on the blog is very professional and respectful while having fun. You feel safe there.

Kindle Gal has been nothing but kind and helpful to me since jumping into this blogging world. When So Many Reads was in its infancy stage and I had questions about organization, how to respond to author and publisher requests for reviews, etc, she was one I reached out to. Not only was she extremely patient with me but appeared to be very happy to help me out. I agree with a lot of Kindle Gal’s opinions and I tend to look at Kindles & Wine as a model for So Many Reads. Thank you so much, KG!

If you are looking for a book blog to follow and you haven’t been over to Kindles & Wine yet, I highly recommend you do that today. They will introduce you to some great books and authors!

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