Review: DARE TO BREATHE by M. Homer

In Dare to Breathe by M. Homer, Samantha Marsh is trying to move on in college. She is plagued by horrible nightmares and she struggles to know if they are true memories or just aweful dreams. She had been adopted at age 6 and she barely remembers her past. Due to her sleep problems she finds herself forced out of her dorm and into a coed house. There she meets Nathan, a sexy womanizer with a past of his own. But Nathan is there for Sam and he helps her with her nightmares. In doing so a relationship develops and forces both of them to face their past in an effort to have a future with each other.

19336835This book was really good. I loved the characters and felt the comraderie of the roomates and moreso you connect with Sam. The dream sequences paint the horrid picture of her past and help you understand her struggle to connect with others. I loved the wonderful people she winds up being surrounded by including not only Nathan but also her adoptive parents and Sally her boss at the cafe.

I also loved the build up of Nathan and Sam’s relationship but was secretly hoping for more details as they finally became more intimate with each other, probably because I have been reading so many NA books and this definitely seems more like a YA book.

Overall, I found this to be a great book about a broken character finding a way to make herself whole on her terms with the help of some wonderfully supporting friends. I think this is a stand alone book but I would so love to get more on the other characters like Mandy or Ben which would give the opportunity for more on Nathan and Sam.

Reviewed by Paulette

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About the Book:

Title: Dare to Breathe
Author: M. Homer
Publisher: Eternal Press
Release Date: November 1, 2013
Category: New Adult
Source: Copy received from Author

Book Summary:

New Adult Romance. Can you learn to forget? Sam is plagued by nightmares she can’t understand with dark visions of a past she suspects may be her own. When she moves into a new co-ed house, she is drawn to the handsome but aloof Nathan. The housemates welcome in Sam but all withhold their own secrets from her which she knows she needs to unravel to truly understand Nathan. But her past is destined to torment her, can she find the strength to face her fear?

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