Review: THE EMBATTLED ROAD by J.M. Madden

Thought this would be a great book to feature on Memorial Day. It reminds me of all those that have fought and are fighting for our freedom. They don’t always come home or come home the way they left. While I am very honored, proud and humbled by what they give up for us, I cannot fathom what they and their families go through.

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A couple of friends recommended J.M. Madden’s Lost and Found Series to me and let me tell you, I am so looking forward to this series. The Embattled Road is the prequel to the series and centers around Marines Duncan, John and Chad, and how they were injured in battle and their immediate recovery. It also sets up the rest of the series by showing how the three of them come back together at the end.

These three heroes each have physical and emotional challenges any Marine would have given the situation they lived through. It was very interesting watching them go through their hospital stay post injury and the road they each took from there.We don’t normally get to see the gritty stuff like this in typical romance books so the truth and rawness of these stories pulls you in and really has you falling for these guys and cheering for them.

The character development was well done and I really enjoyed getting each of their points of view. The thoughts and emotions of each of the men seem typical of what you would expect from their situation.Throughout the story, I felt heartache for Duncan, John and Chad, but also was able to laugh and cheer them on at times. The fact that there was so much emotion in one novella, I so can’t wait to dive into the full length stories next. If you like military romance (even though there is no romance in this novella), I recommend you give The Embattled Road a try!

Reviewed by Amy

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About the Book:

Title: The Embattled Road (Lost and Found #0.5)
Author: J.M. Madden
Release Date: December 13, 2013
Category: Romantic Suspense
Source: Purchased from Amazon

Book Summary:

In the harrowing prequel to The Lost and Found series, three embattled Marines must deal with their devastating physical and emotional injuries in a world that seems to have turned against them.

When the rescue helicopter crashes into his convoy in Iraq, Marine First Sergeant Duncan Wilde struggles with the loss of men, his career and the use of his body. Things can’t get much worse. Until his fiancée decides she has to move on with her life, and that of her unborn child by another man.

Sergeant Chad Lowell knew when he went to war that it would come with a price. And it did. A young Marine under his command is killed by a landmine. Chad’s left with one less leg and a mountain of recriminations. That doesn’t mean he wants to be a pitied by every female he comes in contact with.

Gunnery Sergeant John Palmer is furious at the hand he’s been dealt. He’s served his country faithfully, if not without antagonism, for many years. Now they’re turning him out like a relative who has overstayed his welcome. And, since he’s not even a real man anymore, maybe it is time to move on permanently.

Can these wounded warriors use a friendship borne out of adversity to form a partnership rescuing others? And can they find real love in spite of their challenges?

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