Blogger Love: Brain Candy

The next blog up in my Blogger Love series is author Kelsey Browning’s personal blog she calls Brain Candy.


Kelsey Browning, Author/Owner of Brain Candy

Even before I read any of Kelsey’s books I read her blog. She just has so much variety and humor on her blog. Some of the things you’ll read about include:

  • Personal experiences about her home life and updates on her writing
  • Book recommendations from readers and authors
  • A reader of the month feature titled “Thanks Y’all”
  • Organization ideas
  • Gift ideas around Christmas
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Other random topics

As a reader, I love it when authors have blogs. Not only do we get updates on what they are writing, but we get to know them as real people without their author hats on. Besides the tips and organizational things I have taken away from Kelsey’s page and the general entertainment she provides me, I found some new-to-me authors like Jamie Farrell and Wendy S. Marcus! So, if you haven’t checked out Brain Candy yet head on over and see what Kelsey has to blog about.

4 thoughts on “Blogger Love: Brain Candy

  1. Amy –

    Thanks bunches for mentioning Brain Candy. I’ve already started gathering gift ideas for the holidays! No, I don’t shop this early, but now I have to “shop” for ideas! 🙂


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