World Cup and Romance Authors

Who is watching the World Cup? This is my family’s first year watching it and we are having a lot of fun. Of course we are cheering for USA to win, but we are also enjoying the other matches. There are some talented soccer (football) players out there. And there are a lot of players that I think should be written into some romance stories. Like Cristiano Rnaldo for one. There are a lot of stories with these athletes that could be told.

This song has been pretty popular at our house lately.

Do you read sports romance? If so, tell me some books that are worth checking out. I have a few on my TBR list I haven’t gotten to but am always interested in hearing about more.

3 thoughts on “World Cup and Romance Authors

  1. My brothers, sister in-law, and father likes to keep up with it too. As for sports romance, I have lots that I haven’t gotten too either.

  2. I love sports romances! Here’s a bunch of my fave series: Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ Chicago Stars (football), Rachel Gibson’s Chinooks (hockey), Jaci Burton’s Play-By-Play (various sports), Carly Phillips’ Hot Zone (baseball), Juliana Stone’s The Barker Sisters (hockey) and Lori Foster’s SBC Fighters (MMA). Hope there’s something you’ll like!

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