Review: TAMING HIS TUTOR by Natalie Anderson

Imagine how awful it would feel to be dumped by your boyfriend of one year due to a lackluster bedroom performance. Compound that by getting a similar reaction after a one night stand intended to redeem oneself. Well that is Abbi’s life in a nutshell in Taming His Tutor by Natalie Anderson. Determined to never have complaints again, this curvy IT guru is going to create an app to help herself and women just like her. Her goal is to become a vixen.

When a chance encounter puts her back in the presence of the hot ex-NBA all star Joe Fuller, Abbi decides to let Joe help her with her research. Abby had once tutored Joe in high school and crushed on him big time. But Abbi, with her braces and a body she wasn’t ready to embrace felt she was out of Joe’s league. Little did she know he was intrigued by her then and he most definitely is intrigued to help her out now.
I enjoyed the story and found it to be a rather quick read. Both characters have their issues and insecurities when it comes to relationships. They also have amazing chemistry with each other and along the way the develop an intimacy that extends beyond the bedroom. 

The best thing about this story was Joe. He is your typical hot alpha male with the body, the money, the moves. The most refreshing thing about Joe is that even though recognition of his feelings scared him he decided to embrace them. Joe took matters into his own hands, and puts himself out there. It is so refreshing to have an alpha male that doesn’t hop into someone else’s bed when he isn’t sure how things will work out!!!

I highly recommend this book to those who love a steamy romance and are looking for that hot alpha male they can be proud of. It also has a transformation vibe as Abbi comes out of her ex-nerdy self and embraces her inner vixen.  This book will not disappoint!!

Reviewed by Paulette

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About the Book:

Title: Taming His Tutor
Author: Natalie Anderson
Publisher: Entangled
Release Date: June 30, 2014
Category: Contemporary Romance
Source: ARC received from Publisher

Book Summary:

Computer guru Abbi Hayes needs to kick her sex life into overdrive—and she’s designing the perfect App to make it happen. Thanks to all of the self-help bedroom tips she’s accumulating, she’ll be able to go from boring and passive to own-him-now vixen with a couple of swipes of a touch screen. And when former NBA basketball star Joe Fuller offers to help her test out her ‘product,’ how can she say no?

Joe can’t quite believe this temptress-in-training is his formerly shy, geeky ex-math tutor. If Abbi wants to discover her inner vamp, he’ll happily be her how-to guide. But it only takes few face-to-face lessons to realize that underneath the talk, there’s a truly passionate woman begging to be claimed by someone strong. Someone like him.

Maybe it’s time to teach his former teen fantasy a few tricks of his own…

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