The Mutt and the Matchmaker by JB Lynn is a must read for any of her Confessions of a Neurotic Hitwoman fans. The awesome Armani from the Hitwoman series is the Matchmaker in this series and as you can imagine, comes with a lot of humor. If you have not read the Hitwoman series, no worries, as it is not required to read The Mutt and the Matchmaker.

In The Mutt and the Matchmaker, we meet  Tom and Jane, the first couple that Armani sets up. When I started reading, I thought it was too nice of  story and the mystery was easily solved. However, I love JB’s books, so I kept reading. I was glad I did because things did turn out the way I thought. JB takes us on quite a little mystery!

Tom is investigating several burglaries in the area and Jane is his prime suspect. That can’t be good for a new relationship, right? Tom and Jane are both a little burned from previous relationships so this one is a little awkward for them even with the chemistry they both have.  I wish we got to see more of that chemistry played out, but it would not have fit the story – just my own entertainment. Even without that, it is quite fun to watch the two of them figure out how to manage this new relationship of theirs.

JB does a nice job of giving you a good mystery and sprinkling out the romance as it pertained to the plot. If you are looking for a fun cozy mystery novella where dogs also play a big role in the story, I recommend you give The Mutt and the Matchmaker a try.

Reviewed by Amy

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About the Book:

Title: The Mutt and the Matchmaker (Matchmaker, #1)
Author: JB Lynn
Release Date: May 15, 2014
Category: Romantic Suspense / Cozy Mystery
Source: ARC received from Author


When private investigator Tom Hanlon agrees to help out his elderly neighbor by taking her Maltese to the dog park, he has no idea he’s about to meet semi-psychic, wanna-be-matchmaker Armani Vasquez.

Or that the pushy woman will insist on setting him up with quirky dog walker Jane Bly – his main suspect in a string of home burglaries — and her high-strung, foster mutt, Calamity. 

Or that he’ll fall head-over-heels for one of them. 

​Will Tom catch the thief, or will it be his heart that’s stolen?

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