Review: DARKEST CARESS by Kaylea Cross

I am relatively new to paranormal romance but I am not new to Kaylea Cross’ writing. If you have read her romantic suspense books you will not be disappointed in this paranormal romance. She takes the same edge-of-your seat writing and puts it into Darkest Caress. Her characters and story have great depth to them. She writes in third person so you get to feel what many of the characters are feeling, including the villain of the story which greatly adds to the suspense.

In this book we see that Daegan accidentally finds his mate in Olivia while searching for real estate to set up and prepare for a war that is coming against the three Empowered males left. When Daegan finds Olivia and tries to explain why he is drawn to her and what she is, Olivia is not sure she can trust him and wonders if she is going crazy. However, she can’t deny that she is drawn to him and feels very protective of him. She also has learned that she has a special gift and a pain that comes with that gift and only he can take away her pain.

As she tries to understand all this, and decide if she truly wants to give into the boding that comes with Empowered mates, both Olivia and Daegan suffer physically. They are also running out of time, since the battle of good and evil is coming. Kaylea does a great job with the intimate scenes in this book. I admit that I wasn’t sure about the book given the steamy cover (I know, don’t judge a book by the cover and all), but the scenes in this book were lovely, sensual and very well written.

Even if paranormal romance is not your typical genre, I suggest trying Darkest Caress out. This book has romance, suspense, passion, friendship, evil, grief and love in it. It was a tough book to put down since it had me on the edge from the beginning until the end. I truly hope Kaylea writes more in this series so we get to see how the overall story plays out, especially with Cade and Vaughn – the other two Empowered males.

Reviewer’s Note: This book was originally read and reviewed in 2012.

Reviewed by Amy

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Title: Darkest Caress
Author: Kaylea Cross
Publisher: Carina Press
Release Date: April 23, 2012
Category: Paranormal Romance
Source: Purchased from Barnes & Noble


Two-hundred-year-old Daegan Blackwell is one of the last remaining Empowered, an ancient magical race. Daegan’s duty is to lead and protect his remaining Brethren in the coming war foretold by prophecy. The last thing he expects is to meet the one woman who will either save or destroy him-his destined mate.

Fiercely independent Realtor Olivia Farrell believes darkly handsome Daegan is simply a prospective client. Until she’s attacked by a man with a strange aura-and Daegan fights him off, taking away her pain with just his touch. At first, Olivia refuses to believe she’s part of a magical race, yet mounting evidence and her powerful chemistry with Daegan are too strong to deny.

But as Daegan’s partner, Olivia becomes a target in the battle between good and evil that threatens her life, as well as the very existence of the Empowered. And the only one who can save her is the man claiming to be her destiny…

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    • Hi Jennifer – I don’t believe a 2nd or 3rd book are out in this series yet, but I sure hope Kaylea writes them. I loved this one.

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