A Song For You

TGIF! I don’t have a lot of deep thoughts for you today, so I’m gonna leave you with a video. This is the best video I could find of the song (not an official video from what I can tell). I am in love with this song right now. I found it on an author’s playlist (thanks Chris & Cecilia) for a book they are currently writing. I can’t help but imagine what is going to happen in the story┬ábased on┬áthe mood and the lyrics of the song.

All The Way / 4 U by Poets of the Fall

Aside from the book, I love the song in general. I have probably listened to it over 100 times just this week. What about you? Do you listen to songs over and over when you find one you love? What was the last song you did that with? Are there any that you learned about from an author’s playlist for their book(s)?

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