Interview, Excerpt & Giveaway: LAST HERO STANDING, featuring Mary Buckham

We are celebrating the release of the Last Hero Standing anthology today. We have an interview with one of the authors, Mary Buckham, an excerpt and a giveaway for a $100.00 gift card! If you haven’t picked up this anthology it is only 99 cents for one month. Get it while it’s available!

About the Book:

Title: Last Hero Standing

Authors: Dianna Love, Cynthia Eden, Elisabeth Naughton, Joan Swan, Bonnie Vanak, Pamela Clare, Mary Buckham, Adrienne Giordano, Norah Wilson, Stephanie Rowe and Tracey Devlyn

Release Date: October 28, 2014

Buy Links: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / Apple

Enjoy 11 emotional stories – 2000 pages filled with all types of heroes from small town to international action-adventure who earn and protect those they love. Over 360 reviews with a 4.5 star rating!!!

Authors donate to anthology to raise money for colleague stricken with breast cancer

Eleven authors have donated their work to a box set of novellas to raise money for the medical expenses of a colleague stricken with breast cancer. The LAST HERO STANDING box set, which is set to release on Oct. 28, features 11 novels and novellas for only 99 cents, including a bonus short story from New York Times bestseller Dianna Love. All the proceeds from sales of the box set will go toward the medical expenses of USA Today bestselling author Pamela Clare, who was diagnosed with breast cancer this past April and has been unable to work since then.


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New York Times Bestseller Dianna Love – KISS THE ENEMY, a Slye Temp novel

 New York Times Bestseller Cynthia Eden – FIRST TASTE OF DARKNESS, a novella

New York Times Bestseller Elisabeth Naughton – FIRST EXPOSURE, an Aegis Security prequel novella

New York Times Bestseller Joan Swan – SINFUL DECEPTION, a Covert Affairs novel

New York Times Bestseller Bonnie Vanak – TAKEN BY THE ALPHA WOLF, a novella

USA Today Bestseller Pamela Clare – FIRST STRIKE, an I-Team novella

USA Today Bestseller Mary Buckham – INVISIBLE FEARS, an Invisible Recruits novel

USA Today Bestseller Adrienne Giordano – THE EVASION, a Justifiable Cause Novel

USA Today Bestseller Norah Wilson  – NIGHTFALL, A Vampire Romance Novel

Award-Winning Author Stephanie Rowe – ICE, an Alaska Heat novel

Award-winning Author Tracey Devlyn – LATYMER, a Nexus novella

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Excerpt from Invisible Fears by Mary Buckham:

Freetown, Sierra Leone: 0900 hours

Life sucked and then you died. Not that I wanted to believe that but it was all too easy here in Western Africa. Freetown, the sinkhole capital city of Sierra Leone, where I wiped sweat off my neck with one hand as I tried to breathe shallowly, combined big city congestion with its own pungent aroma. The overwhelming smell permeated everything. It made the Schnowaske Rendering Plant near Dubuque smell like lavender.

But it could be worse. Not sure how, but that was me, look on the bright side. My parents had raised me that way and it worked. Most days. Today I had a few doubts.

I’m Kelly McAllister, former kindergarten teacher, current IR operative, I for Invisible, R for Recruit, and not sure, not sure at all if I should have agreed to this mission. Okay, I jumped at the chance. But should I be leading it? No way. Not that I’d tell anyone that, because as long as my teammates were willing to follow me, I’d lead.

That was a lie. I was leading it because as leader, I could slide in my own agenda with less fuss. Call a spade a spade because hiding from the truth only nipped your backside.

All around me corrugated tin roofs streaked with blood red rust, jam-packed streets with deteriorating cars that vied with wood carts for supremacy, thousands of people, all shouting in a mixture of pidgin English, Temne and Mende tongues. Sticky heat and dust coated every surface as the wet season was officially over and the hot dry weather just beginning.

As far as I could tell—there weren’t any nasty preternaturals trying to kill us, not a djinn, demon or very angry Were in sight. Which was a plus. My silver ring, created to alert us agents to preternaturals closeby, was still cool.

Warmth meant preternaturals and heat meant they were real close. Down side, the rings couldn’t tell us if we were rubbing shoulders with a benign garden sprite or stepping on the toes of a Durian demon, a half-human offspring of a killer demon. A lot of serial murderers had some Durian demon blood in them, which was enough to scare the willies out of me.

So far today, the ring had remained cool to mid-warm. I took that as a positive sign as I watched a middle-aged man cough up a wad of spittle and hack it on the wall of a rusted building. Gross.

Knowing preternaturals existed was the reason for our team. Unlike most humans, we were aware there were others among us. Goodness, even some on the team were different. Alex was a witch/shaman who now had shifter abilities, Mandy could cross over to the spirit world, Nicki was a cougar shifter and me?  Well, I was just a freak. I could turn invisible.

Sounds like a neat gift, and I knew we should be grateful for all of our gifts, and uniqueness, but . . . what good was having a totally uncontrollable talent that made me wink out when I got too scared or stressed and then, when I’d reappear, I’d be literally blind for twice as long as I’d been gone? That and the doors that made me shudder even thinking about them.

I pushed aside the dark thoughts knowing full well I was a walking disaster waiting to happen.

So where was the bright side? I couldn’t kill anyone with my gift. Well, I hadn’t so far. That time might come and sooner rather than later if my plans here in Africa worked out.

Then I caught sight of a white guy lounging against a doorframe, his lean body half-hidden by shadows.

My heartbeat jump-started. It couldn’t be. Not in a million years. Had to be a trick of the liquid sunlight, or because I’d been thinking about Alex Noziak.

This shadow was not her brother, Van. No way.

I couldn’t see a clear picture of him but it was obvious the man was no tourist. Not by the wear-stained khakis he wore or the poised tenseness of his stance, like a spring wound tight and held in check. Van stood like that, as if always on guard, expecting the worst and ready for it. He possessed the animal wariness of his kind because Van was a shifter, a gorgeous wolf shifter.

Think with your head, not your hormones.

“Kelly, there a problem?” Mandy asked through my head mic.

I cleared my dust-dry throat and tried to sound normal, agent normal. “No problem, just a new face on the scene.”


“Male.” I held off saying all male, even if I thought it. “Late twenties, early thirties. Well-worn black cowboy hat pulled low. Can’t get an unobstructed visual.” Clear enough to get a punch to the solar plexus. Sexy. Dangerous and brooding too—not the kind of male I usually responded to but then I wasn’t scoping him out for myself. It was simply a side benefit.

Do your job, Kelly. Quit reacting to a total stranger. If he was a stranger?

Man alive, though, he was memorable. Way out of my league but yum, yum delicious.

“Any other clues to his identity?” Mandy asked.

“I’ll wander a little his way.”

For the sake of the mission, nothing more.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

“Don’t lose the main target.”

Like I had to be told that. Sheesh. Sometimes the team treated me like I was new-corn green. I wasn’t. Well, sometimes. I didn’t know my preternaturals as well as Alex and couldn’t fight like Mandy and Jaylene, and definitely wasn’t a shifter like Nicki, but I wasn’t clueless.

A half dozen steps and I paused. The guy pulled his hat lower over his face. Maybe he just wanted to stay cool. Couldn’t fault him for that. I rubbed a hand beneath my own ponytail, tucked beneath my St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap.

I spoke into my headset. “From what I see he’s rough around the edges. Think Matthew McConaughey, Indiana Jones, or a New York ad agency idea of trouble in khaki.”

So why was my gut screaming this guy was Van Noziak? Shoot, he was hardly in any condition to be in Freetown. Several weeks ago Weres had captured him, under the orders of a horrible master druid. Last time I’d seen him, shortly after his release, he still looked raw, in spite of his shifter blood. Full-blooded Shoshone wolf shifter. So not the kind of guy to bring home to Mom and Dad.

Not that my hormones were thinking about meet the parents when I thought of him. My only excuse was, hot tamales that man was lethal, in more than one way.

“Can you get a photo of him?” Mandy’s voice broke once again into my over-heated imagination. Which was good. Another few seconds, and I’d be publicly fanning myself and not because of the steamy humidity.

“Will do.”

If she said anything else I didn’t hear it as a heavy shape slammed into me from behind. I went sprawling on the pavement, twisting as I fell, which meant I landed on my shoulder not my face. Plus I could see what was standing over me—a smere goblin.

* * * * *

Interview with Mary Buckham:

Mary-color-pic-mmHow has cancer touched you personally?

Finding a person who hasn’t been touched by cancer is becoming the exception, and all indications that’s what the future holds in store for all of us. A year ago, out of the blue, my husband was diagnosed with a cancer often called “the old man’s cancer”. He was barely in his fifties. The next six months became a mad house of doctor’s appointments, crash course learning on pros and cons of different medical options, a surgery and weeks and months of recuperation. We were lucky. So far no reoccurrence, but even with insurance 50% of last year and this year’s income has gone to pay medical bills. That’s 50% of our take home pay, and that’s not dealing with the physical and emotional costs. Cancer changes you forever!

Why did you participate in the LAST HERO STANDING fundraiser for fellow author Pamela Clare?

To be asked to help a fellow author was a no-brainer. I’ve never met Pamela but have enjoyed her work. Knowing first hand what an upheaval cancer caused for myself personally, even without the more extensive treatment that Pamela had to face, saying yes to helping her was a no-brainer.

About Mary Buckham:

USA Today Bestselling author Mary Buckham credits her years of international travel and curiosity about different cultures that resulted in creating high-concept urban fantasy and romantic suspense stories. Her newest Invisible Recruit series has been touted for the unique voice, high action and rich emotion. A prolific writer, Mary also writes the non-fiction writing craft series Writing Active Setting and Writing Active Hooks.

Connect with Mary: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads

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Thank you for celebrating with us today!

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  1. It is commendable that authors are helping an author defray the cost of cancer treatments. I loved your book, Mary Buckham. I am looking forward to reading the other books, novellas and the short story in this collection I purchased. I highly recommend this collection!

  2. As you said, finding someone who hasn’t been touched by cancer is the exception. I’ve been touched too often through people I love very much. I love that you’re a part of this. What an honor and blessing.

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