Review: THE HUSBAND GAMES by Jamie Farrell

The Husband Games by Jamie Farrell is full of love and laughter.  After having met Jamie in person I was not surprised as she seems to love to laugh and that certainly came through in this novel.  The story line is crazy but fun and the characters are at times maddening but believable.

Sometimes I was frustrated with the main character, Natalie,  because I think she was capable of having more of a back bone when it came to dealing with Marilyn, the Queen General.  However, at other times I recognized how much she wanted to honor her deceased mother’s memory when it came to these particular games. Her mother had chaired them for many years and Natalie wanted to carry on that tradition in spite of how much Marilyn tried to sabotage her.

CJ is the love interest of Natalie’s who she had feelings for in the past but at the time she was married.  However, after going through a nasty divorce, she is not eager to give her heart away again even though she keeps being drawn to CJ and he to her.  The story is a light, funny, escape into the sometimes unbelievable town of Bliss, where happily ever after is taken seriously.  Will Natalie and CJ get their happily ever after or will Marilyn run them both out of town?  Read the story and find out for yourself.  It is a great escape novel that will have you chuckling throughout and sighing with relief when you reach the end.

Reviewed by Mary

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About the Book:

Title: The Husband Games 

Author: Jamie Farrell

Release Date: August 1, 2014

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: ARC received from Author

Book Summary:

After Natalie Castellano’s marriage imploded on the field of the Husband Games in Bliss, Illinois, the Most Married-est Town on Earth, the last job she expected to inherit was planning the fiftieth anniversary of her hometown’s unique Games. But with her mother’s unexpected passing, that’s exactly what Natalie’s doing. And the position demands that she play nice with CJ Blue, the man who ultimately caused Natalie’s marital demise.

Winning Bliss’s Husband Games and being crowned Husband of the Year was the brightest spot in CJ’s short marriage. Since his wife’s untimely death, he’s taken himself around the world, hiding from his grief. But now, family obligations have him trapped in Bliss, where he’s been invited to participate in the Games and humiliate himself in the name of closure. The whole town wants him to play. The whole town, except one. And he can’t decide what bothers him more—that Natalie doesn’t think he belongs in the Games, or that she’s right.

These two would make great enemies. But all games aside, the more they find themselves in close quarters, the harder it is to deny their mutual attraction. She’s battled Bliss’s bridal brigade, and he’s jumped out of airplanes and soared over waterfalls, but now they’re both facing the biggest risk of all: taking another chance on love.

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