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This is a book review blog. Reviewing books is what I do. Through this blog and even before, I have been lucky enough to get to know some pretty amazing authors over the last few years. I have been able to strike up friendships with many of them. Some of those friendships have turned into working relationships when they need personal assistance with their new releases, social media, and other things. I have thoroughly enjoyed working for each of them and knowing that the smallest thing I can do will allow them to spend a little more time writing. One thing that I have missed, since becoming their assistant, is reviewing their books and talking about them like I used to when I was just one of their readers.

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See, as soon as I start working for an author where money is being exchanged, I stop reviewing their books. I figure that was proper etiquette because even though I feel like I would be fair, there might be a slant on my review just a bit. I don’t want to taint their reputation. I also figure when people know I am their assistant they may no longer listen to my feedback objectively thinking I might be trying to sell them on this author. I have tried to be careful. I will keep track of their books I have read on Goodreads and might add a sentence or two to my rating, but I don’t thoroughly review them like I used to. And I miss it. A lot.

Most likely, my one review isn’t going to make a big difference, but I still feel a little sad that I can’t put my review up on Amazon or Barnes & Noble any longer to help them out. I don’t even review them personally here on the blog. I try to talk them up on Facebook and promote them, but it’s just not the same.

I challenge you to look at reviewing a book as a gift to an author. Your review no matter how long or short, just might help a reader on the fence about a book. It will mean the world to an author knowing you spent the time not only reading their book but writing about it as well.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

12 thoughts on “Not Reviewing Books

  1. Thank you! You are right, and I know I can speak for other authors when I say we appreciate you sharing your thoughts when you review our books.

    Reviews are the best gift a reader can give us. We don’t care if they’re short or long, eloquently worded or tapped out on your smart phone. That day or two someone spends reading a book is such a tiny amount of time compared to the time we invest in writing it, and to hear that we somehow struck a chord or swept a reader away from the crazy hustle-bustle of life to relax…that’s why we do this.
    Hugs and happy reading~
    Nancy Naigle

    • Thanks, Nancy! You have been a big influence in my life and are one of the first authors I was able to strike up a friendship with. I will always cherish that.

  2. Ethical and fair. Your blog post shows how much you care for each of the authors you support. Keep up the amazing job. You are correct in saying reviews are readers’ gifts to authors. They facilitate the introduction of our characters and stories to more readers who may in turn do the same for others. Short reviews can be as eloquent and effective as long ones in passing along the love a reader has for a story.

    Many thanks for the great reminder to review,


    • Thanks, Chris! I agree that short or long, it does not matter. Some people are very concise with their words and some people might take longer to say what they feel. Either way, it helps! I think once someone gets comfortable in their style of writing a review it comes easier. As many can see between the reviewers here on the blog, we all have different styles.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Noelle! It’s amazing how simple writing reviews. I am not a writer by any means and some of my reviews might not make any sense, but I try to be open and share my feelings about a book, hoping it will cause people to take a closer look at it.

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