Review: HUNTER REBORN by Katie Reus

The Moon Shifter series by Katie Reus continues to get better and better. Each book I read pulls me in and keeps me there until reality sucks me back out. I love how lost in the stories I get with these books. Hunter Reborn, the 6th novel in the series is no different. Katie does a fabulous job of creating individual characters with their own stories while maintaining the flow of the overall series plot.

In Hunter Reborn, we get to watch Aiden (lupine shifter) and Larissa (kickass vamp) find each other again. Aiden believed Larissa was dead many years prior to the setting of the story and Larissa has no memory of what happened. Watching the two of them connect and learn about each other again was so heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. Especially as we learn what really happened all those years ago to force them apart. The romance between the two of them was very believable in my opinion given the storyline. Katie does a fantastic job of building relationships and writing intimate scenes that fit the story and the characters. I loved how this one played out. Something very endearing to me in Hunter Reborn was that even though Aiden is a strong wolf and by nature feels the need to protect his mate, he embraced Larissa’s strength and encouraged her. He did not hold her back but backed her up.

As the plot unfolds, several characters from previous books make an appearance. It is always great fun to check in on past characters. The way Jayce and Kat interact is hysterical. Jacye is still one of my favorites. Many of these scenes were the result of Kat and Aiden’s friendship. And I always adore the cubs in the books. It makes me want to go back and read all the other stories again!

Hunter Reborn has everything you look for in a paranormal romance – well developed paranormal characters, an intense and suspenseful plot as well has sexy romance. While you could read this as a standalone, I don’t really recommend it. Katie does a great job of summarizing the overall series plot, but reading the others first gives you a lot of background on the other characters and makes Hunter Reborn a more enjoyable read.

It appeared to me in Hunter Reborn that Katie is setting up Ryan and Theresa, and Aldric and Natalia’s stories which I am very excited about. Katie writes some seriously evil villains in Hunter Reborn from the vamps to the witch, Magda. They are simply crazy, which makes for a great story! I highly recommend you give Hunter Reborn a try!

Reviewed by Amy

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About the Book:

Title: Hunter Reborn (Moon Shifter, #5)

Author: Katie Reus

Release Date: February 3, 2015

Publisher: NAL/Signet Eclipse

Category: Paranormal Romance

Source: ARC received from Publisher

Book Summary:

Losing her was the hardest thing he’d ever endured…

Warrior shifter Aiden’s investigation of the trafficking of vampire blood leads to a startling discovery: the beautiful vampire bondmate he thought was dead. Decades ago, they’d defied their powerful families to be together, but then Larissa disappeared without a trace. When their mating link broke, it nearly destroyed Aiden. Now she’s back with no memory of where she’s been. Even more shattering—Larissa claims she has no idea who Aiden is.

Now she’s back…

It’s a race against time to bring down an operation more evil than his pack ever suspected, and Aiden finds himself working side by side with a mate who no longer trusts him—and she wants out. But he lost her once, and he won’t let her go again. Unfortunately, Larissa’s blood is the key to a powerful monster’s dangerous plan—and he’ll stop at nothing to destroy her, sparking off a war between the supernaturals and humans that no one will win.

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