Character Interview & Giveaway: CHRISTMAS WISH by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey

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I am excited today! Stephan and Jessica Connellan from Christmas Wish by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey are here today for an interview. I absolutely love this couple that we first watched travel a rocky road in To Russia With Love and now we get to peek in on them in their novella Christmas Wish. The authors are also giving away a digital copy of Christmas Wish to one lucky winner this week!

To learn more about Christmas Wish and to read a couple of reviews we posted earlier on the blog today, click here.

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Character Interview

Amy/So Many Reads (SMR): Welcome to the blog, Stephan and Jessica! Thank you so much for taking the time to be here.

Jessica (J): Thank you for having us, Amy. *Jessica kisses Amy’s cheek before joining Stephan on the couch.*

SMR: If you don’t mind, I would like to start out with a few basic questions so I can introduce you to the readers.

Stephan (S): *He drapes his arm across Jessica’s shoulders and tucks her against his side.* It would be our pleasure. We are ready when you are.

Christmas WishSMR: How did you meet?

J: Stephan caught my eye for the first time at Cassie and Trevor’s wedding rehearsal dinner.

S: I’d call it the wheels of fate. Trevor and Cassandra had to meet, get into all that trouble in France, fall for each other and get married for Jessica and me to meet.

SMR: Jessica, what drew you to Stephan?

J: His presence. He wasn’t like any of the men I’d met before. He was confident, commanding, and animated about his work. It’s hard to explain. There was something about him that pulled me to him instantly. Have you ever read a romance novel where an electric shock occurs between a couple when their hands touch? *she tilts her head and capture’s Amy’s eyes* Well, that was kind of what happened there. That shock hit right in the chest the first time our eyes connected.

SMR: Stephan, what drew you to Jessica?

S: What didn’t? She’s caring, wild…intense. She knows what she wants and she goes after it with all her might. I have to be thankful for her persistence otherwise, I would be missing out on the best part of my life.

SMR: Awww. So sweet. Jessica, what do you like most about living in Ireland?

J: Can I say, Stephan? *she laughs* I’ve always loved city life. In many ways, Dublin reminds me of SF. But I like the whimsy of it. The city is very colorful and the people are lovely. Not to mention my BFF is here so that’s a big plus.

SMR: Stephan, what has been your favorite thing to show Jessica about Ireland?

S: I enjoyed showing her my old hangouts. Ennis is small but you can always find amazing places to visit around town. Funny thing. With life happening around us, we haven’t had the opportunity to go anywhere, but I look forward to taking my soon-to-be-bigger family to see all of Ireland.

SMR: What is your favorite quirk about the other person?

J: Hmm. Good question. *Turns to study Stephan. A smile curves the corners of her mouth.* His suits in the closet are hung by color groupings. You know, grays, blues, and blacks. There was this one day when I accidently hung a navy suit with the blacks. *Mischief sparkles in her eyes.* Let’s just say that my error resulted in an interesting…uhm—*a bloom of color dusts across her cheeks*—lesson regarding color coordination.

S: *Narrows eyes at Jessica* And you appreciated every second of it. *He laughs.* Can your addiction to that posh lingerie store in Malahide be called a quirk? *returns gaze to Amy, a smile playing on his lips* All I can say is that if it can, it’s my favorite one.

SMR: What is something we don’t know about the other one that we would be surprised to learn?

J: *grins* Stephan is actually a bit ticklish. He tries to hide it, but I have had hints. Especially around his stomach and knees. He can also carry a tune and enjoys Brian Ferry.

S: Jessica loves the fireplace. Obsessively. I guess that’s because it’s not so common in California. She enjoys watching the fire crackle and pop and I love watching her. It’s a no-brainer that I’d indulge her often.

SMR: What has been your biggest fear in your relationship?

J: *glances at Stephan then takes his hand and cradles it between hers on her lap* Right now I can honestly say I’m not worried about anything regarding our relationship.

S: *raises Jessica’s hand to his lips and locks eyes with her* Thank you.

SMR: What is the best part of married life?

J: Everything.

S: The best part is knowing we can tread hardship and survive it. *rubs the palm of her hand with his thumb.*

SMR: For those that don’t know, you two are expecting your first child. Do you have names picked out for each gender yet? 

J: We’ve really want to be surprised and right now we’re enjoying the debate over names. Friends have suggested several and we have lists of our own—boy and girl—which should give us many options to choose from. I can say that we have settled on an Irish name for either gender.

SMR: What do you think each of your strengths will be as parents?

J: I think Stephan will be a caring and supportive parent who will lay down the law when necessary. *She grins at her husband* He’ll also probably spoil our kid rotten.

S: Jessica is naturally nurturing. Whether we have a boy or a girl, she’ll be the one passing on her love and enthusiasm for life.

SMR: Are you going on any last minute trips before the little one gets here?

J: Not sure. We haven’t discussed it. Maybe a weekend getaway. However, at this point, I won’t be getting on any planes. *she brushes her hands over her rounded belly* Just in case, don’t you know.

S: From what I’ve learned from friends, we should be enjoying every second we can get together before the little one arrives. That doesn’t require more than a locked door. *his eyebrows rise and a smile quirks his lips.*

SMR: Anything else you want to let the readers know that I didn’t ask?

S: Just that we hope to see everyone at the baptism in a few months.

SMR: Thanks for joining us here on the blog! We are all excited for the day we get to meet the little Connellan and we wish you the best of luck in labor and delivery.

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Chris and Cecilia are giving away one digital copy of Christmas Wish! To enter, comment below and ask Stephan and Jessica a question! If you don’t know them yet, just think about what you would ask a newlywed and pregnant couple! Giveaway is open until Saturday, March 8, midday when a winner will be drawn. Winner will be notified via email and announced on the blog.

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