Joint Review: CHRISTMAS WISH by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey

Blogmate Candy and I are bringing a joint review to you today! We both read Christmas Wish by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey and thought it would be fun for you to see what each of us thought.

About the Book


Christmas WishTitle: Christmas Wish (Countermeasure Bytes of Life, #7)

Authors: Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey

Release Date: February 28, 2015

Publisher: Eire Publishing

Category: Contemporary Erotic Romance (part of Romantic Suspense Series)

Book Summary:

In the seventh Byte of Life, newlyweds Stephan and Jessica Connellan are solidifying their relationship while expecting their first child. Nothing will stop Stephan from protecting the dream he’s always yearned for—a family—but his concerns for Jessica and their baby’s health could be more harmful than the eye can see.

Jessica’s joy in the new life they are creating together is crumbling. As her pregnancy progresses, Stephan appears distant, detached. Worried that their whirlwind romance is about to explode in her face, she’s anxious to bridge the distance between them. Will she be able to remind him of what they have together before his promise of forever slips through her fingers?

* * * * *

Review by Candy

Newlyweds Jessica and Stephan Connellan are awaiting their birth of their first child.  For Stephan this is a dream he never thought possible and he will do anything to protect his family. As Stephan ‘ s fears grow, he pushes Jessica away. Jessica sees their relationship imploding before her eyes. Can Stephan move past his fears before it’s too late?

What I love most about the Bytes of Life is that we get extra time with our favorite characters. As a reader, there have been countless times that I closed my book or turned off my Kindle and wondered what happened after the HEA. Unlike some novellas, where I feel cheated because it doesn’t answer anything, Almeida and Aubrey make sure their novellas have meaning and impact for their readers. Each Byte serves to enhance an already rich series and make the reader long for the next Byte installment.

Stephan was honestly never a favorite of mine. I liked him and I was happy Jessica got her HEA. Stephan just can’t top the Alpha Geek, Trevor Bauer. Christmas Wish made me see the brooding tightly controlled Stephan in a whole new light. I felt his anxiety at protecting his dream.  Even though I wanted to slap him silly a few times and yell that he needed to get his head out of the sand before Jessica ended up leaving him, I got where he was coming from. For a man who controls everything, Jessica’ s pregnancy, which he can’t control scares the crap out of him.

One of the problems I have always had with pregnant characters is that I don’t always get their perspective having never been pregnant myself. Not so with Jessica!  I could totally feel her glowing. I got how she revelled in the beauty of her now lush body and then how she questioned that sexiness when Stephan because distant.

If you are a fan of the Countermeasure Series and you haven’t read any of the Bytes, you need to grab your favorite electronic device and start downloading. Not tomorrow or later but NOW. You will enjoy the insight you will gain to your favorite characters.

* * * * *

Review by Amy

Lovely. Simply lovely. Stephan and Jessica are newlyweds and parents-to-be so we get to peek in on what life is like for them right now. The authors do a phenomenal job in general of writing about couples who have been together for a long time and usually married. It is not easy coming up with new story ideas with the same characters, but I am always surprised when I read a new one from Chris and Cecilia. Their stories are real and engaging. Christmas Wish is no different. I enjoyed the simple scenes of everyday married life between Stephan and Jessica just as much as the bigger parts of the story. There was a very heartwarming scene where the two of them are just talking in bed and it makes your heart swell at the openness of it. It’s so refreshing in fiction to have the real substance of life that isn’t heartbreaking, but joyful.

Everything is not all sunshine and rainbows for this couple, though. Stephan is worried. Fearful. And going a little out of his mind. He is so scared of losing Jessica and the baby he thought he would never have that he takes things to the extreme. He inadvertently pushes Jessica away and this, of course, only causes concern from Jessica. She has been down this road with him in the past and really doesn’t want to travel it again. The scene in which everything comes to head is genius. It is real and raw and emotional. Your heart breaks for both Jessica and Stephan as they deal with their own personal version of hell. It is a fantastic scene that results in some incredibly passionate and steamy intimate moments.

There is just so much hope for this couple when you see the way they can work things out. My favorite quote is from Stephan spoken to Jessica: “You awe me. And you scare the hell out of me.”  It is a loaded statement and you really want to read the book to find out how he explains it to Jessica. You might just swoon. Christmas Wish is a captivating romance that draws you in from the first page, tangles with your emotions and leaves you both satisfied and wanting more at the same time. If you haven’t read this series yet, I highly recommend you get started now.

* * * * *

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2 thoughts on “Joint Review: CHRISTMAS WISH by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey

  1. Thank you both for your words about our newest story and for hosting the interview with Stephan and Jessica. It’s a pleasure seeing how the characters and their journey to happiness touch others.
    The fact that both of you had such great take on the story makes Cecilia and me very happy. 🙂



    • It’s our pleasure, Chris. It was fun to put both reviews together to see what we each took away from the story. 🙂

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