Review: PRINCE LESTAT by Anne Rice

In Prince Lestat by Anne Rice, Something is killing off the vampire population. A Voice is commanding older vampires to burn the young ones with the Fire Gift.  The vampire population is in total chaos. They are begging someone,  anyone,  to lead them and stop the burnings.  The older vampires are gathering in New York and looking to Lestat, the Brat Prince to lead them. Lestat doesn’t want to lead though.  He is comfortable in his isolation,  but when the Voice attacks someone close to him, Lestat takes the leadership reins. Can Lestat save the vampires before it’s too late?

Cover_PrinceLestat_LrgIn 1994, a bunch of friends and myself decided to go to the movies. We ended up seeing Interview with a Vampire. I had never heard of Anne Rice until I was sitting in that theater.  Like any good bookworm, I went and bought the book and became hooked on paranormal and vampires.  If it hadn’t been for Rice,  I probably never would have started reading Sherrilyn Kenyon, JR Ward, and others in the paranormal genre.

In 2014 when Rice announced on her Facebook page that there would be another Vampire Chronicles book, I was excited. Then I saw the announcement that it was to be about Lestat! I intentionally held off reading the book until I knew I could have time to enjoy it.

To me, Lestat is everything a vampire should be. He is beautiful and arrogant. He has a tender side for those he cares about but is not afraid to show violence when necessary. Readers will see all of that and even Lestat’ s humorous side (apparently a 300 year old vampire has no patience for cell phones and email).

A lot of people who have reviewed this book on various sites have given it bad reviews, mainly due to the way the story is presented. I have to admit I was thrown off that the book wasn’t just going to be from Lestat’ s point of view but from others as well. Rice ‘ s story telling had evolved and to me the multiple points of view actually enriched the story for me. Not to mention,  it was wonderful to read about old characters such as Marius, Armand, Jesse, and David.

Prince Lestat is a perfect addition to this beloved series.Hopefully, Rice will write more books in this series!  If you have never read the Vampire Chronicles and enjoy paranormal,  start at the beginning and enjoy the ride.

Reviewed by Candy

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About the Book:

Title: Prince Lestat (The Vampire Chronicles)

Author: Anne Rice

Release Date: October 28, 2014

Publisher: Knopf / Random House

Category: Paranormal Romance

Source: Borrowed from Library

Book Summary:

A stunning departure, a surprising and compelling return…From Anne Rice, perennial best seller, single-handed reinventor of the vampire cosmology-a new, exhilarating novel, a deepening of her vampire mythology, and a chillingly hypnotic mystery-thriller.

“What can we do but reach for the embrace that must now contain both heaven and hell: our doom again and again and again…” -from The Vampire Lestat

Rice once again summons up the irresistible spirit-world of the oldest and most powerful forces of the night, invisible beings unleashed on an unsuspecting world able to take blood from humans, in a long-awaited return to the extraordinary world of the Vampire Chronicles and the uniquely seductive Queen of the Damned(“mesmerizing” -SF Chronicle), a long-awaited novel that picks up where The Vampire Lestat (“brilliant…its undead characters are utterly alive” -New York Times) left off more than a quarter of a century ago to create an extraordinary new world of spirits and forces-the characters, legend, and lore of all the Vampire Chronicles.

The novel opens with the vampire world in crisis…vampires have been proliferating out of control; burnings have commenced all over the world, huge massacres similar to those carried out by Akasha in The Queen of the Damned…Old vampires, roused from slumber in the earth are doing the bidding of a Voice commanding that they indiscriminately burn vampire-mavericks in cities from Paris and Mumbai to Hong Kong, Kyoto, and San Francisco.

As the novel moves from present-day New York and the West Coast to ancient Egypt, fourth century Carthage, 14th-century Rome, the Venice of the Renaissance, the worlds and beings of all the Vampire Chronicles-Louis de Pointe du Lac; the eternally young Armand, whose face is that of a Boticelli angel; Mekare and Maharet, Pandora and Flavius; David Talbot, vampire and ultimate fixer from the secret Talamasca; and Marius, the true Child of the Millennia; along with all the other new seductive, supernatural creatures-come together in this large, luxuriant, fiercely ambitious novel to ultimately rise up and seek out who-or what-the Voice is, and to discover the secret of what it desires and why…

And, at the book’s center, the seemingly absent, curiously missing hero-wanderer, the dazzling, dangerous rebel-outlaw-the great hope of the Undead, the dazzling Prince Lestat…

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