Forgotten Book Challenge

How many of you read newly published books? How many of you read older books? It seems these days with the digital world and perma free and 99 cent books out there, we are always able to grab the newest books available. But what about those books that we purchased last year when they were on sale? Or we one-clicked some six months ago because we wanted to support our favorite author during release week? Do you ever look back through your to be read (TBR) list or pile and pull out those older books? Probably not.

A couple of my author friends, Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey started challenging their readers with the Forgotten Book Challenge:


What a cool idea, huh? Well, now the challenge has morphed into a Facebook Group where one can invite readers to participate and try to get through their TBR list to find those books that have been “forgotten.” You never know where that book will lead. Interested in joining us? Take a ride with us as we explore new-to-us authors and share our finds with each other! Click on the image above! We would love to have you!

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