Review: EXPOSURE by Annie Jacoby

In Exposure by Annie Jacoby, after experiencing a horrible family tragedy,  C.J Parker hasn’t been outside her apartment in 6 months.  With her savings running out, C.J either has to overcome her agoraphobia or go on disability. C.J decides to attempt to overcome her illness on her own and ventures out into the world. Her first foray into the outside world ends up with her passing out and meeting billionaire Asher Sloane. The chemistry between them is undeniable but Asher is keeping a monster secret that threatens to rip their relationship apart.

downloadBefore I even review the book,  I have to comment on the cover. Talk about a gorgeous cover! Those beautiful long lashed eyes and that half smirk just scream hotness.

Okay,  now that I have gotten that out of my system…

C.J Parker is such a fighter,  even though she blames herself for what happened to her family. I enjoyed that Jocoby took an honest look at mental illnesses and didn’t sugar coat it at all. I did a mental happy dance for C.J when she finally got the help she needed

Asher has his moments as a stereotypical controlling rich boyfriend. In the end though,  I had to forgive him for that.  If Asher hadn’t been so heavy handed with C.J on certain things,  she wouldn’t have gotten the help she needed. As far as his lying to C.J, well I can’t say much on that without giving away a spoiler.  I am still trying to decide if I forgive him for lying.

This book is described as an erotic romance and it definitely lives up to that description. C.J and Asher are insanely hot together. The dirty talk does get to be a bit much but the bedroom (or limo or shower) scenes are scorching hot.

Beware of a huge cliffhanger. As in I sat my Kindle down and stared at it’s cliffhanger.  Jocoby left me wanting to find out more about this couple.  Anyone who enjoys erotic romances or billionaire romances should check this series out.

Reviewed by Candy

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About the Book:

Title: Exposure (The Exposure Series, #1)

Author: Annie Jacoby

Release Date: January 15, 2015

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: Copy received from Author

Book Summary:

Photographer CJ Parker is a woman who has literally not gone outside for the past six months. She’s been hiding from the world, and from life, ever since an unimaginable tragedy forced her into seclusion.

On the one day where she decides to finally venture outside, she meets the mysterious billionaire, Asher Sloane. Dark-headed, magnetic, and gorgeous, Asher drips sex and animal magnetism. He draws CJ out of her shell and into the world, while showing her things that she never knew existed.

What CJ doesn’t know is that Asher has a dangerous past. Behind his beautiful blue eyes and confident demeanor lies dark secrets that, if they are brought to light, could mean the end of CJ and Asher’s relationship.

Will the exposure of Asher’s past destroy them?

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