Review & Giveaway: SHATTERED DUTY by Katie Reus

Extreme book hangover. Shattered Duty by Katie Reus was absolutely fantastic. I have read a lot of books by Reus so that should tell you that I love her writing, but what I loved so much about Shattered Duty were the characters. Levi rocked and Selene kicked some serious butt. The two of them together were phenomenal.

23398887In Shattered Duty, Levi and Selene work together with the same goal in mind yet they don’t always see eye to eye on how things should happen, nor do they completely trust one another. If you have read the other books and know when Lieutenant General of the NSA, Wesley Burkhart, is involved in something, he usually gets his way. Selene is loyal to both Levi and Wesley in very different ways. Something you don’t completely understand until the end of the book with the cool twist that is thrown in there. I adored the way Wesley watched over Selene. She is like a daughter to him and sometimes he breaks the tough guy mode and thinks like a father. It is very heartwarming.

Levi is trying very hard to avenge the murder of his pregnant wife, Meghan. He doesn’t know how all the pieces fit together yet, but he has a pretty good idea of who at least issued her murder and he is not going to give up until he is able to take that person out. Selene needs the terrorist for another reason and they work together as much as they can.

I really enjoy how the author allows Meghan’s name to come up a lot. It really brings some reality and emotion to the story where she is concerned. It’s like we get to know Meghan even though she is not alive in this book. There is a lot of respect and love for her from both Levi and Selene and that makes their relationship easier to accept. It allows Levi to continue with his quest while having new feelings for Selene, even if he does feel guilty about those feelings at times.

The love story between Levi and Selene was quite a treat to watch. Both of them are strong characters and had to decide between duty and their heart several times. I will admit I worried at different times about each of them and what they were doing to one another, but it worked out in the end. The chemistry between the two of them was very palpable. The intimate scenes really fit the characters and the story, which is important to me. They are not forced or thrown in for heat. They play into the story and move it along. One of the reasons I love this series – everything just flows very well from beginning to end.

It’s always nice to see characters from previous books and in Shattered Duty, we got a quick glimpse of Jack. I was hoping we would see more of him in the final scene but understood why we didn’t. I found Agent Ortiz to be very intriguing. He played quite a role in this story, so I wonder if he will be next in line for receiving his own story. He is calm, cool, and collected, which to me means something might be brewing under that work persona.  I enjoyed the final action scene. It was different than anticipated, but played out nicely and probably more realistically than anything. It also brought about a very surprise ending that was the icing on this already fabulous story. If you like romantic suspense with engaging characters, explosive action and passionate love scenes, give the Deadly Ops series a try. You can read Shattered Duty as a standalone but it is also great as part of the series.

Reviewed by Amy

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About the Book:

Title: Shattered Duty (Deadly Ops, #3)

Author: Katie Reus

Publisher: NAL/Signet Eclipse

Release Date: June 2, 2015

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC received from Publisher

Book Summary:

When his wife was murdered two years ago, Special Agent Levi Lazaro turned his back on everything he cared about. Ever since, he has thought of nothing but vengeance. Now he’s finally uncovered the identities of those who killed his wife—and he’s ready to destroy them at any cost. He won’t let anything stand in his way—not even a beautiful NSA agent on a mission of her own.

Special Agent Selene Wolfe prides herself on being the best. Her fearlessness and quick-thinking make her the perfect person to take down a deadly terrorist cell. But she needs Levi’s help, and the moment he shows up, Selene knows her objectivity—and her heart—are in trouble.

As the two strike an uneasy alliance, Levi finds himself tormented by his desire for Selene—a feeling he thought long dead. But when their mission takes an unexpected turn, he finds himself faced with an impossible choice: either put aside his need for revenge, or save the woman who’s reawakened his soul…


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  1. I love romantic suspense! Misty Evans, Katie Reus and AdrienneGiordano are some of my favorites.

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