Review: SHEV by Tracey Devlyn

Shev by Tracey Devlyn is a great novella. It is a nice ending to the Nexus Series. I am not a huge historical romance fan, but Devlyn is one of a of the few I will auto-read. I have really enjoyed this series because they are spies, which leads to suspense and mystery in addition to the romance. Spies from the past are a lot different than contemporary spies. Very intriguing. If you like historical romance or even if you haven’t given it a try, you should check out this short story or the entire series.

25636276In Shev, we read about Marcus and Anne. Marcus is a bit of a playboy that Anne wants nothing to do with. She is brought in as a governess for his daughter. Marcus doesn’t think he will have a problem keeping his hands off Anne because she is not really his type at all. Boy is he wrong. One thing I love about Devlyn’s heroines is that they are strong. Even with their sometimes troubled past, they stand up for themselves and usually go outside the expectations of how they should act in public. I find that pretty cool.

This is a novella and reads fast. It was entertaining from start to finish with some intrigue, mystery and some fantastic romance. This book was hot and I loved it! I have read al the other books in the series and wasn’t expecting it. I thought there was the perfect blend of detail and imagination which made it incredibly passionate.

If you haven’t read Tracey Devlyn’s books yet and want to give them a try, you should grab this one. For those that like romance and suspense, even if you don’t typically read historical, you will enjoy Shev as well as the other books in the Nexus series!

Reviewed by Amy

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About the Book:

Title: Shev (Nexus Series, #5)

Author: Tracey Devlyn

Release Date: June 1, 2015

Category: Historical Romance

Source: ARC received from Author


The Marquess of Shevington’s bleak existence sparks to life after hiring a mysterious governess whose secrets stir his curiosity and whose courage awakens his desire.


Marcus Keene, Lord Shevington, leads a life of idleness and indulgence—or so he would have everyone believe. The illusion he has carefully crafted to protect his country no longer holds the same appeal it once did. His life takes a dramatic turn when a five-year-old girl—his daughter—appears on his doorstep, scared and angry and carrying a missive from his former French mistress.


The unassuming, aloof governess Shev hires begins to break through to his daughter while protecting a dark secret of her own. A secret that is tearing her apart, day-by-day. What the governess does not understand is that mysteries are like catnip to Shev. Irresistible. Much like the governess herself. But all is about to change when his daughter’s French family arrives to take her away, and Shev’s faced with the prospect of an empty home once again and his heart’s desire slipping from his grasp.


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