Spotlight: HOSTAGE RESCUE TEAM Series by Kaylea Cross

It’s a Hostage Rescue Team Series week here at So Many Reads! I recently flew through the first four books in the series and absolutely loved them. This week you will get to read reviews for Marked, Targeted, Hunted and Disavowed all by Kaylea Cross. You will get to meet several members of the team in an interview on Thursday and to top off the week you will have the chance to win Volume I (Books 1-3) later this week!

If you are a fan of romantic suspense, the Hostage Rescue Team Series is a must-read for sure. They are packed full of heart racing action, hot and sexy romance and witty dialogue. The tight-knit group of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team is something we all want with our colleagues. They have each other’s backs, support one another when things get tough, and are straight shooters about things that need to be said. I had a tough time putting the books down when I opened up the Hostage Rescue Team Volume I box set which included the first three books in the series – Marked, Targeted and Hunted.

box set

The characters in the series are all very well developed. Sometimes in a series, you can run into the same old things with characters, but Cross does a fantastic job of creating different, unique, layered characters in each of her books. The plots are original to each book as well, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The intimate scenes fit each of the characters perfectly and are well placed in the stories. Each one brings out the heat whether it is slow and sweet or hot and heavy. They are tailored so well to each story and plot that you never know what is going to happen or when. Each book is set up nicely to introduce the next one. I love it when we get a glimpse of what is to come from the characters.

Cross is a fabulous storyteller, too. She knows just how much detail to give you during each operation the team is tasked  to keep you in the thick of the action but not so much that you get a little lost and drift away from the scene. It is a great balance. If you are fan of romantic suspense, I very highly recommend you give this series a try. You will be glad you did.

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