Review: FROM THE WRECKAGE by Melissa Collins

Unbelievable! I was so moved by From The Wreckage by Melissa Collins. Not only was it my first story by Collins but it was my first dual first person point of view story. That took some getting used to, but the story itself was so incredibly charged with emotion I was able to adapt well and by the time I was about half way through it wasn’t an issue for me.

22877671David and Grace were neighbors when they were young and after a fire destroyed her house, she moved away and they didn’t see one another for 18 years. Their reunion was a treat to watch and from then on they were inseparable.

I first thought their story was too perfect. Too cutesy. Two romance novelish. But, I loved the real scenes they shared with intimate jokes, and just conversation people in real life have. That changed the too perfect part for me. David and Graces story was a breath of fresh air in that they didn’t struggle from insecure feelings to cause the conflict in their relationship. They were a couple who were just meant to be together and we were given the pleasure to watch their relationship unfold.

I was absolutely heartbroken when the time came for Grace to save David. It did not go at all as I anticipated it would and that broke my heart a little more. Suddenly everything was different. The David and Grace we first saw were not the same. I kept asking myself if the author was going to do the unthinkable and the ending not work out, but no fear, everything works out great!  I actually preferred the way she ended it than what I initially hoped for. It was more realistic and just fabulous. Oh, and the intimate scenes throughout the story? Super hot. I struggled a little with the first person point of view but eventually settled in and was able to get lost in the scenes.

Grace and David are great individually but phenomenal together. They are two people that love each other, live life to the fullest, they don’t forget to laugh and have fun. It’s the simple things they do so well. I adored how all of the memories they made came back later in the book. The story was set up very well and every scene had a purpose. It is unlike any other book I have read in the past.

Jade and Ian are a couple that I would love to get to know more about. It appears in the epliogue that they are together, but would love to see what goes on with them when no one else is around. While Ian was once a little annoying, he has grown on me. I love that he is maturing.

Collins has written an incredibly touching story in From The Wreckage that not only makes me want to be a better person but reminds me to love my husband with all I am because we only have today. I felt so many emotions wile reading this book – excitement, heartache, anger, sadness, a little turned on and then my hurt was bursting with joy and love. If you are looking for a beautiful love story that stands the test of time and circumstances, you must give From The Wreckage a try.

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About the Book:

Title: From The Wreckage

Author: Melissa Collins

Release Date: October 21, 2015

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: ARC received from Author

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Book Summary:

First, he saved me.
I lived because he was a hero.
And then he was gone.
Uprooted by the fire that destroyed our home, my family moved away and I never saw David Andrews again.
Then, he found me.
Eighteen years later, he rescued me again – in much simpler terms, of course. By loving me, by giving me the fairy tale I’d always hoped for, he provided me with the perfect life.
Now, he needs to be saved.
It’s my turn to be strong, to be brave, to be valiant.
When flames threaten to turn us to ashes, it’s up to me to pull us From the Wreckage.

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About the Author

AuthorPicMelissa Collins has always been a book worm. Studying Literature in college ensured that her nose was always stuck in a book. She followed her passion for reading to the most logical career choice: English teacher. Her hope was to share her passion for reading and the escapism of books to her students. Having spent more than a decade in front of a classroom, she can easily say that it’s been a dream.

Her passion for writing didn’t start until more recently. When she was home on maternity leave in early 2012, she read her first romance novel and her head filled with the passion, angst and laughter of the characters who she read about it. It wasn’t long before characters of her own took shape in her mind. Their lives took over Melissa’s brain and The Love Series was born.

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