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Don’t you love it when your favorite authors can write stories outside of the ones that caused you to fall in love with their writing in the first place? Kelsey Browning does just that with A Love To Last, the first book in her Prophecy of Love series. While it is still a small town romance set in the south, it is much different than her Texas Nights Series or The Granny Series and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

26878829I wasn’t sure what to expect of Browning’s newest story. On one hand I was looking forward to another sassy, sexy fun contemporary romance, yet on the other hand I was looking for something a little different. A Love To Last satisfied both of those things for me. Cal and Delaney and the other characters in the story delivered the sassy quips that had me laughing yet there was a seriousness to the story and the characters that followed throughout.

Delaney is a unique heroine. She has her mind made up (or so she thinks) about what she plans to do with her life and doesn’t want anything (including emotions) to stand in her way. Cal proves to do just that. Her heart can’t seem to stand up to him, the sexy cowboy she once dated years ago and who is now all grown up. Cal is still in love with Delaney after all these years away from her. Yet he also feels a sense of duty and obedience to his father and the town of Prophecy. He doesn’t want things to get too complicated. Well…

I was frustrated with both Cal and Delaney at times. They are attracted to one another and truly love one another but fought it so hard. I so badly wanted Delaney to just say yes, for Cal to stop holding back and for everything to fall into place! But that would probably be a boring story. So, I understood why Delaney made the choices she did. Fear drives people to do unexpected things and go against what their heart tells them. The romance between Cal and Delaney was spot on with their personalities and the intimate scenes in Browning’s books are always hot.

In A Love To Last, both Delaney and Cal both learn a lot about themselves and what love means. They learn that not all families are perfect, but you don’t have to make the same mistakes of others. They learn that together they are stronger than on their own. It took them being away from each other and the town of Prophecy to see what they always knew – that this is where they are supposed to be both the town and in each other’s hearts. The ending of the story was fantastic. It ties it all together, warms your heart and gives you that happy sigh. If you like contemporary romance, I highly recommend you give A Love To Last a try.

Reviewed by Amy

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About the Book

A Love To Last (Prophecy of Love, #1) by Kelsey Browning

Release Date: November 9, 2015 / Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: ARC received from Author

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Book Summary:

Her boots were made for walking…

Drifter Delaney Shields plans to breeze through Prophecy, Texas, before setting off on an around-the-world trip of a lifetime. She never expects to see sexy-as-sin Cal Maddox, the man she ran out on a decade ago. One look between them and their past attraction ignites, flaming hotter than ever. But acting on it would be disastrous because she’s not the sticking kind, and Cal has roots a mile deep.

Cal Maddox left the military only to find both the health of his dad and his hometown failing. When Delaney walks into his father’s custom boot shop, she spurs emotional memories and sexual fantasies Cal has no business indulging in. Especially once he realizes she’s the next Prophecy bootmaker, the only person who can design custom cowboy boots with the power to change a person’s destiny. But if fanning those old flames will keep her in Prophecy, he’s willing to take the heat, even if it means keeping secrets and risking his heart again.

Duty and desire throw Cal and Delaney together, but will their feelings be strong enough to forge a new bond or will they destroy their second chance at love?

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About the AuthorASC9668-2219199174-O-1024x681Kelsey Browning writes sexy contemporary romances that readers describe as funny, sassy, and full of sizzling chemistry. She also co-authors humorous Southern women’s fiction with a sprinkling of mystery. Originally from a Texas town smaller than the ones she writes about, Kelsey has also lived in the Middle East and Los Angeles, proving she’s either adventurous or downright nuts. These days, she makes her home in Athens, Georgia, with her tech-savvy husband, her smart-talking son, a rescue dog from Qatar, and her (fingers crossed) future therapy pup.

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