Character Interviews: THE MISFIT BRIDES SERIES by Jamie Farrell

I am so excited because today we have three couples from the Misfit Brides Series by Jamie Farrell here! You read about them the past few days here on the blog. Now you get to learn more about them through an interview. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Blissed1800x2700-200x300Amy: Thank you, CJ, Natalie, Will, Lindsey, Mikey and Dahlia for joining us today on So Many Reads! This first question is for the guys. What was it that made you fall for your girl?

CJ jumps right in: “Easy. Natalie’s cooking skills.”

Lindsey chokes on her water.

Natalie gives them both the evil eye: “Very funny. Just because some of us have talents outside the kitchen…”

Mikey jumps in with a goofy grin: “Dahlia’s ice cream did it for me. She puts something special in there, if you know what I mean.”

Dahlia gives him a playful shove. “Can you save the wink-wink, nudge-nuge for at least the second question? These poor people don’t need to know you’re a dog this early in the interview, do they?”

Will: “Dahlia, darlin’, these folks have seen enough BillyVision to know Mikey. Plus, Amy read his book. And mine. They know.”

Mikey: “And you haven’t answered the question yet, Billy-boy. What did you see in Lindsey?”

Will: “It’s the music, Mikey. She makes me hear the music.”

Lindsey blushes.

CJ: “Ah… we’ve all heard Lindsey sing. You sure it’s her? That’s not indigestion you’re hearing, is it?”

Will pecks Lindsey on the cheek. “Only indigestion I ever get is from eating your wife’s cooking, CJ.”


Amy: Ladies, what is it about your man that had you totally falling for them?

Dahlia sits up and raises her hand. “Ooh! Me! Me first!”

Natalie and Lindsey make sisterly go ahead gestures.

Dahlia grins. “It was his big… heart.”

Mikey, grinning bigger: “She means my big—”

Dahlia claps her hand over his mouth while Natalie and CJ clap their hands over their ears, Will rolls his eyes, and Lindsey lifts a practiced brow. “Your big mouth?” Lindsey says.

Will chuckles at his buddy’s expense.

Lindsey smiles. “I fell for your country boy smile and drawl. And your sheer stubbornness in not letting me not love you. I don’t know a girl who could resist.”

Natalie: “Liking that stubbornness must run in our family, because a certain Mr. Blue wore me down too.”

CJ: “If I’m the stubborn one in our relationship, we have a problem.”

Natalie: “Okay, and it was really your big… heart… that won me over.”

Mikey: “His heart. Right. Why is it she can say that, but Dahlia can’t?”

Lindsey: “Because CJ stole Natalie’s heart by winning over Noah. You’re trumped, Mikey. Can’t beat a guy who scored the girl through her preschooler. Sorry, dude.”


Amy: For all of you, what is the best thing about being with your spouse/significant other?

Mikey: “Not having all those other women slipping me their phone numbers anymore.”

Dahlia, laughing: “Says the man who asks me to slip him my phone number every time he takes me out to dinner, just for old times’ sake.”

Mikey winks at her: “Just keeping the spice alive, sweet pea.”

Natalie: “If we’re talking spice, I think I have you all beat, since my husband is named after one.”

CJ gives her the side-eye. “The thing I love most about Nat is that I can trust her with my secrets,” he says pointedly.

Natalie smiles sweetly: “And that’s the thing I love most about you too.”

CJ: “That I keep your secrets?”

Nat: “No, that you tell me yours.”

Lindsey squeezes Will’s hand. “And I love that you love me despite my secrets.”

Will: “Because of your secrets, lawyer lady. They make you special. Don’t hide ‘em.”


Amy: Ladies, what is your favorite thing to do when you have a quiet night at home with you and your man?

Lindsey: “Oh, that’s easy. I love to curl up next to Will and listen to him play.”

Natalie: “That was my answer.”

Lindsey: “I didn’t know CJ was musical.”

Natalie: “He’s not. I just want to borrow Will once or twice.”

CJ: “Hey!”

All three couples laugh.

Natalie: “Seriously, though, between CJ’s hours at Suckers, my hours with the bridal gowns and Knot Fest stuff, and taking care of Noah, when we actually get a few hours alone, just the two of us, we’re just as likely to fall into bed as anything else. Although, I have been teaching CJ the art of the bubble bath.”

Lindsey wrinkles her nose. “You two are adorable, but that’s TMI.”

Dahlia: “Speaking of TMI—”

Nat, CJ, Lindsey, and Will all shake their heads and groan.

Mikey grins, and his eyebrows wiggle. “Yeah, baby. You know it.”


Matched1800x2700-200x300Amy: Guys, when you want to go out for a date with your leading lady, where is your favorite place to go in Bliss?

“Suckers!” they all cry.

<Jamie pops into the room and gives them all the “Really??” look.>

Lindsey returns the Really? look with a lawyer look. “It’s not like you’ve created any better places in Bliss for dates yet,” she says to Jamie.

Will nods sagely. “You need to do some more world-building, writer-lady.”

Jamie. “Hey, there’s a winery in Bliss! And a microbrewery. And… some other places that don’t have names or details for yet. But there are tons of reception halls. With banquet chicken and beef… and buffet-style lasagna… and…” <Jamie sighs and goes back to the keyboard.>


Amy: Will, have you written any more songs about Lindsey or her, uh, clothing?

Lindsey clears her throat, but Will grins. “Oh, yeah. She’s got this pair of socks—”

Mikey nods and taps out a beat on his thigh. “That was remarkably good for a song about socks. All that talk about cotton and toes, exes and ohs, argyle and wool, making you act like a fool…”

Dahlia and Natalie laugh, and Lindsey joins them, though she’s shaking her head.

“Truth is,” Will says, “there’s some of Lindsey in all my songs. Couldn’t stop it if I tried. Don’t want to. But some of them don’t get played for anyone but her these days.”


Amy: Lindsey, who do you think will be the next couple to fall in love in Bliss?

Lindsey: “I’ve seen a few hookups around town, but most I expect will play out without me having to interfere and break any bad news.”

Will nudges her and gives her the tell them the rest look.

Lindsey gives him the shush look back.

He responds with a silent If you don’t, I will.

“Oh, all right,” Lindsey says. “But you have to promise me Kimmie won’t be reading this interview. She doesn’t need the extra stress of worrying over what her mother will think of what I know.”

Jamie pops in again. “She’s sort of figured out what you have to say. At least, in this draft. I’ll erase her memory before I start revisions on her story though.”

Lindsey points a stern finger at Jamie. “Kimmie and Josh need to work this out on their own. No interference until I say so. Understand?”

Jamie: “Uh… I’m kinda writing their story…”

Lindsey, rolling her eyes. “Authors and songwriters. They’re all the same.” But she gives Will a secret smile, and Jamie goes back to work knowing that those two are still crazy in love.


Amy: Will and Mikey, what is the biggest difference between Illinois and Georgia?

Mikey: “It gets butt-a$$ cold up here.”

Will, nodding. “Yeah. Pretty much that. And nobody says y’all right.”

Mikey: “Or knows how to fry good okra.”

Will: “Or knows what okra is.”

They both take a minute to shake their heads. “Dang shame,” Will says. “But the folks ‘round here are solid and dependable and danged funny in their own ways.”


Amy: Dahlia, how are the adult ice cream flavors going? Have you and Mikey come up with any new ones? 

Mikey snorts. “Have we come up with any new ones? Darlin’, you’re talking to the dirtiest-minded S-O-B this side of Canada.”

Dahlia: “Sad but true. He’s actually named so many dirty flavors, we sort of had to expand operations. But Jamie says we’re not allowed to talk about that yet.”


Amy: CJ, how is the bonding going between you and Noah? Has he figured out who all of his aunts are by their names?

CJ grins big. “Noah’s a great kid. Super easy to love.”

Lindsey: “He gets that from his favorite aunt.”

Natalie: “And his mother.”

CJ: “But he’s still better at naming all of my sisters than you two are. That boy’s brilliant.”

Lindsey: “Like his favorite aunt.”

Natalie: “And his mother.”

Will: “This here’s got a song in it…”


Amy: Natalie, have you thought of doing something like the Newlywed Game during Knot Fest with so many couples getting hitched?

Natalie: “Ooh, I like that idea. My mom did a modified, shorter version a few times as an event in the Husband Games in years past, and it always went over well. We’re digging up some old-school Husband Games events for this coming year, and CJ’s family has been amazing with thinking up crazy ideas for the Games too. We’ll be keeping folks entertained for years to come.”


Smittened1800x2700-200x300Amy: For all of you, tell us why you think the readers should visit Bliss? And what should they be sure to do/visit while there?

Natalie: “Bliss isn’t perfect—we have the Queen General to deal with still, after all, and goodness knows none of us are quite normal—but the imperfection is half the fun of it. And with so many of our peers poised to take over their family businesses on The Aisle, there should be tons of interesting stuff going on for a good long while.”

CJ: “Plus, Suckers is always a good place to hang out.”

Mikey: “And Dahlia still keeps both the kid-friendly and the adults-only menu at The Milked Duck. Won’t find any better ice cream in the world. Especially with—”

Dahlia: “Sshh! That other thing is a secret. But Mikey’s right. Specialty ice cream at our place, then the winery and the microbrewery, plus Indulge—that’s the gourmet chocolate shop—and… Yeah. That other secret thing that we can’t talk about yet.”

Will: “Me and Mikey, we toured most of the states, and we’ve even been overseas a time or two, and there’s no place in the world like Bliss. Real inspiring for a songwriter, seeing all the love in the air with so many weddings going on all the time.” He nudges Lindsey. “And seeing all the couples falling in love.”

Lindsey smiles at him. “There’s love everywhere, not just in Bliss.”

Will nods. “True enough. But there’s something special about Bliss.”

* * * * *

Well, there you have it! A wonderful and fun interview with the couples we know so far in Bliss. I hope you enjoyed getting to know them as much as I did. Check back tomorrow to win a digital copy of one of the first three books in the Misfit Brides Series – Blissed, Matched or Smittened!


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