Review: AFTERSHOCK by Jill Sorenson

In Aftershock by Jill Sorenson It’s just a normal day on the job for San Diego paramedic,  Lauren Boyer. That is until THE BIG ONE strikes. An 8.5 earthquake rocks San Diego and leaves Lauren trapped under a freeway, her partner dead. Lauren quickly helps those that she can and be friends a group of strangers including veteran, Garrett Wright. Garrett jumps right in to help rescue everyone that he and Lauren can. Lauren notices that Garrett seems to be hiding something but she’s not about to turn away his help or protection when a violent group of convicts attacks. There is an undeniable attraction between Garrett and Lauren and things quickly heat up between the two. Will Lauren and her group be rescued before the convicts strike again? Can Garrett and Lauren find love or will his secret tear them apart?

15801563I feel like I need to pause and catch my breath after reading this book. Sorenson writes an action packed book that grabs you from page one. If you look up page turner in the dictionary there’s a picture of this book next to the definition.

I loved Garrett ‘s character. He was such an honorable man, who wanted to accept the consequences of his actions even though he was offered a reprieve. He was extremely protective of all the women in the group,  making sure the bad guys didn’t get them. His love for Lauren was so strong even though he convinced himself he didn’t deserve her.

Lauren was a take charge kind of woman. Despite loosing her partner,  she immediately jumped in and tried to save everyone she could. Once she learned what Garrett ‘s secret was, she decided to stay with him, seeing the honorable man that he was.

Aftershock is an intense adrenaline packed thriller of a read. The characters,  including the bad guys, are all well developed. The chemistry between the two main characters is extremely hot. Readers who enjoy action or suspense filled books will definitely want to read this book.

Reviewed by Candy* * * * *

About The Book:

Title: Aftershock (Aftershock, #1)

Author: Jill Sorenson

Release Date: December 18, 2012

Publisher: Harlequin

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: Checked out from library

Book Summary:


As an emergency paramedic, Lauren Boyer is dedicated and highly capable. Until an earthquake strikes, trapping her beneath the freeway with a group of strangers–including Iraq war veteran Garrett Wright…


Handsome and take-charge Garrett aids Lauren in her rescue efforts, even as the steely look in his eyes seems to hide dark secrets. When a gang of escaped convicts goes on the attack, Garrett’s bravery makes him more than a courageous bystander to Lauren. If they can save the others before time runs out, maybe, just maybe, they can explore the fire igniting between them–if the truth about who he really is doesn’t pull them apart forever….

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