Review: HER COWBOY DISTRACTION by Carla Cassidy

In Her Cowboy Distraction by Carla Cassidy, when Lizzie Wiles mother passed away, she promised her mom that she would take her inheritance and cross off everything on her bucket list. That’s how she ended up working at the Cowboy Café in Grady Gulch, Oklahoma. After a few weeks of working there, Lizzie notices that every Friday night a certain hot cowboy comes in and orders two pieces of pie and one coffee, but he never eats the second piece. Finally Lizzie works up the courage to introduce herself to Daniel Jefferson. Daniel mourning the loss of his wife and perky Lizzie is too much of a distraction. Daniel can’t help but be attracted to her and the two strike up what is supposed to be a platonic friendship. When Lizzie finds a dead body and then she herself is attacked,  the entire town is thrown into an uproar. Can Daniel protect Lizzie?  Will Lizzie stay in town long enough for her and Daniel to be more than just friends?

0612-9781459233911-bigwI loved Lizzie ‘s character. She was such a free spirit and a hoot to read about. Lizzie is one of those characters that embraces everything life has to offer. It was hard not to read about her enthusiasm and not smile.

Daniel makes the perfect hero. A brooding cowboy who has walled himself off, thinking he doesn’t deserve to be happy because he blames himself for his wife’s death. It was fun watching Lizzie break down his barriers. When she gets attacked Daniel goes into full Alpha mode to make sure his woman is safe.

Her Cowboy Distraction is an engrossing quick read. Readers who love western romances with a little suspense thrown in should enjoy this book. I am looking forward to what the next installment in this series brings.

Reviewed by Candy* * * * *

About The Book:

TitleHer Cowboy Distraction (Cowboy Cafe, #1)

Author: Carla Cassidy

Release Date: June 19, 2012

Publisher: Harlequin

Category: Western Romance / Romantic Suspense

Source: Borrowed from the Library

Book Summary:

She’d been watching the handsome rancher for a while, just a lone cowboy eating pie with an empty chair beside him. One night, Lizzie Wiles, Cowboy Café’s feisty new waitress, went over and dared to interrupt his tortured solitude. Daniel Jefferson seemed shocked by her boldness as he buried himself in guilt over his wife’s mysterious death. Lizzie tried to penetrate his gloom, but in the end, found herself falling in love. Having plans to leave town, she didn’t want to think of these consequences. Worse, someone really wanted her to disappear—now! Attacked and warned to leave, Lizzie had every reason to go…but she had one undeniable reason to stay.

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