Review: HUSH by Cherry Adair

In Hush by Cherry Adair, Zakary Stark is an adrenaline junky. When he’s not in the boardroom of his billion dollar tech company, Zak and his brother,  Gideon, travel the world searching for extreme sports to participate in. Their current endeavor has them in Venezuela to BASE jump one of the world’s highest water falls. The night before the jump, Zak picks up mysterious Acadia Gray in the hotel bar and the two have a scorching hot one night stand. They wake up the next morning to armed men in Zak’s room and they are kidnapped along with Gideon. A risky escape separates the brothers and has Zak nearly at death’s door. When Zak recovers,  he suddenly has an eerie sixth sense that he can’t understand. Running for their lives, Zak and Acadia have to be smarter than the ones hunting them. Will they survive this deadly chase? Will their one night stand turn into something more?

7099362Acadia was such a conundrum. She was great at playing the flakey  woman but underneath that facade was a street smart person. She actually ended up saving Zak’s behind on more than one occasion.

Zak’s picture is probably in the dictionary next to the definition for brooding male. Having lost his wife, a reporter for CNN to a car bomb,  Zak is full of regrets. His wife also did a number on him psychologically.Somehow Acadia manages to get through his thick skull and remind him that all women are not like his deceased wife.

Adair packs plenty of suspense into this book. Literally from the first page when the kidnappers find Zak and Acadia in bed until the last page. Her descriptions of the jungle and the creepy crawlies residing in it had me shuddering. No way could I be calm like Acadia was in some of the scenes!

Hush is the first book in The Lodestone series. It’s an action packed read. With well developed characters and tons of suspense,  readers won’t be able to put this book down. This is a must read for any romantic suspense fan.

Reviewed by Candy* * * * *

About the Book:

Title: Hush (Lodestone Trilogy, #1)

Author: Cherry Adair

Release Date: April 26, 2011

Publisher: Pocket Star

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: Borrowed form the Library


Book Summary:

National bestselling author Cherry Adair introduces an edgy, sexy new suspense series with this exhilarating international tale of hide and seek.

A reckless adventure in a deadly paradise.

Thrill seekers Zakary and Gideon Stark travel the globe in search of extreme adventure, but a trip to Venezuela to jump off the world’s highest falls catapults them into a perilous game of life or death—where they don’t know the rules.

A one-night stand that will change his life forever.

Kidnapped with a woman Zak knows nothing about, the brothers are held prisoner deep in the jungle. A risky, deathdefying escape separates them and nearly claims Zak’s life . . . until his recovery reveals a baffling new sixth sense.

An unexpected diversion with lethal consequences.

Now, to find his missing brother, Zak and the mysterious Acadia Gray will have to out-smart, out-gun, and out-maneuver not just the brutal kidnappers but also a new player who joins the adrenaline game: a ruthless opponent who wants the Stark brothers dead—at any cost.

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