Review: PITCHING FOR LOVE by Amy Manemann

Pitching for Love by Amy Manemann was such a good story. I adored the hero and heroine and it was so fun from start to finish. Evan is a major league pitcher who needs a little damage control and publicist Mia is called in to do just that. Why not throw a little interesting aspect into the story where the two happen to meet before their business meeting and hit it off extremely well (without knowing who the other one truly is). It was so much fun. Oh and Manemann can write some passionately hot love scenes.

28941302Let’s face it. When you read a lot of contemporary romance, you sometimes feel as those you know what is going to happen when you have read a familiar plot, right? It’s those authors that are able to entertain you and make their version original that have you going back for more. Manemann does just that in Pitching For Love. I was turning pages like crazy and couldn’t wait for the next encounter between Evan and Mia to see what would happen.

The characters of Evan and Mia are well developed and likable. The author does a great job with the dialogue and emotions to show us who the characters are on the inside. I wanted the two of them to expand on their first night together and give it a shot so badly, yet, I completely understood why Mia had reservations and respected her for them. I would have done the same thing. But, the heart wants what the heart wants. We can’t always control that. I was glad to see that Evan was very persistent and he pursued Mia in all the right ways.

Evan and Mia are explosive together and I was glad we got a glimpse of that near the end of the book again. he flow and pacing of the book was spot on and my only wish was for it to be a longer story. If you are looking for an enjoyable, sexy contemporary romance, give Pitching For Love a try. You will love it!

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Reviewed by Amy

About the Book:

Title: Pitching For Love (The Remingtons Kindle Worlds Novella)

Author: Amy Manemann

Release Date: March 2, 2016

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: ARC received from Author

Book Summary:

Tough as nails publicist, Mia Scott, has built her career by dodging the advances from her elite clientele. Her number one rule; never mix business with pleasure. Until a split second decision leads her to a night of unbridled passion — and the morning after blues when she discovers the man she spent an amazing night with is her newest client.

Professional baseball pitcher, Evan Ahrens, knows he messed up, and messed up royally. One mistake on the field puts him on thin ice with the league and lands him a new PR rep to fix his soiled image. He goes to NightCaps to toss back a few drinks and blow off some steam — and meets his match in a feisty dark haired woman who takes him to heights he’s never been. There’s only one problem — she’s his new publicist, and she’s made it clear there will be no repeat performances.
A battle of wills gives way to uncontrollable passion as Mia fights her growing feelings to keep things professional, while Evan decides for once in his life he wants something more. The game just went from saving his career, to pitching for love.

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