Review: SUGARED by Jamie Farrell

What a fun story! Sugared by Jamie Farrell is the fourth book in the Misfit Brides Series. We meet Kimmie and Josh in previous books and while Kimmie is a constant character in the other books, Josh is pretty new to all of us. If you are looking for a sugary sweet romance story, this book is for you.

Sugared1800x2700-768x1152To be honest, I was nervous about reading Sugared. I loved the other books in the series and I adore Farrell’s writing, but Kimmie was never a character I really connected with. She was a little annoying in the other stories to me. Not in a mean way – just a little awkward and different than heroines I like to read about. You could probably say her character is a little too close to reality. I trust Farrell and knew that I would be getting a good story, plus I really wanted to know how she would write Kimmie’s romance so thats why I decided to go for it.

Kimmie is Kimmie. She is not your typical heroine. She is a sheltered woman who is awkward and quirky and skittish (loved that description from Mrs. Kincaid) but nice and loyal and has an amazing heart. She loves people. She loves to bake cake for people. She loves the joy it brings them. It was great to see how everyone in Bliss absolutely loves her and would do anything for her (except perhaps stand up to her mother). Who wouldn’t want to see a character like that get her happy ever after?

And then there is Josh. The hottie snack cake romeo who owns half of her Mother’s Bakery and is a thorn in General Mom’s side. I wasn’t a fan of his at the beginning because he was not very nice to Kimmie. Starting out I couldn’t figure out how Farrell would ever make the two of these characters work, but slowly and steadily she did.

Farrell does a wonderful job of building Josh and Kimmie’s romance. The ups and downs along the way are realistic to the plot and I enjoyed how true to characters Farrell stayed with both of them. While it annoyed me how often Kimmie and Josh lied and faked their way through the relationship, I know that feeling was because I wanted them to stop the charade and get together for real since I knew what both of them were thinking.

When reading a series, it’s always a joy to read about characters from previous books and watching Lindsay, Natalie and others from earlier books in the Misfit Brides series stand up for Kimmie, was awesome. It warmed my heart to see the true friendship and makes me want to read their books all over again! If you are looking for a heart warming, sweet, contemporary romance, give Sugared a try!

Reviewed by Amy

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About The Book:

Title: Sugared (Misfit Brides, #4)

Author: Jamie Farrell

Release Date: March 3, 2016

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: ARC received from Author

Book Summary:

When Chicago’s Hottest Snack Cake Heir…
Josh Kincaid went from rags to riches when he was adopted by the family who owns the Sweet Dreams Snack Cakes empire. But now the company is floundering, and Josh will do anything to save his parents the way they saved him. Including using his charm on a small-town wedding cake baker.

Takes on the Misfit Princess of the Bridal Capital of the Midwest…
Kimmie is flighty, she spouts off weird dreams when she’s nervous, and her frizzy hair and fashion sense make her the girl least likely to snare a debonair snack cake heir. But Kimmie can bake a cake that’ll make a grown man cry, and that’s exactly what Josh needs.

They Just Might Find The Recipe for Love
Josh’s plan should be easy, except Kimmie isn’t all cupcake underneath. Her cooperation comes with a price. If Josh wants to save his family’s company, he’ll have to do something he’s never done: be himself.

Cupcakes have never been so terrifying.


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