Two Reviews of GATOR by Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey

Another double review coming to you today! Candy and I (Amy) both read and reviewed Gator by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey and here is what we thought about it…

Review by Candy

30230607Gabriel “Gator “ Moreno receives a phone call from his childhood friend, Manny Cortez asking Gator to return to Florida to protect his baby sister. While Gator gave up his criminal leanings and became a Navy SEAL, Manny stayed in Florida, living a life of crime and now he has ticked off the El Rey drug cartel. Gabe can’t say no to Manny so he heads down to Florida to see what he can do to help out his friend.  Alysa Cortez never imagined that Gabe would return to Florida or that she would still have feelings for him after all these years. Angry at Gabe after she assumed he turned on Manny when the two got arrested as teens, she really isn’t happy that Gabe is back in town. Will Gabe be able to protect Alysa? Can the couple work past their issues and years of separation to find true love?

I am always excited when I get my hands on a book by these two authors.  I always know I am in for a well researched book with strong characters and a lot of heat. Gator is another example of the fantastic writing this duo produces.

While I liked Gabes’s character, Alysa has to be my favorite. Like all the women that Almeida and Aubrey write about, she is strong, independent, and knows what she wants. Her take charge attitude and family loyalty earned her designation as favorite character after just a few pages of reading. I loved how she had no problem at all telling Gabe what she thought .

If you like a little action thrown in with your romance, this novella has some great scenes. There is a high speed car chase through busy city streets and even a shoot out. Almeida and Aubrey do such a fabulous job with writing these scenes that they played out just like a movie or TV show in my head. I swear I could hear the tires squealing and the bullets ricochet off of things.

Gator is part of the Omega Team Kindle World series and it can be read as a standalone. Almeida and Aubrey once again deliver with an action packed romantic suspense that had me wishing that this was a full length novel. These two authors are a must read for any romantic suspense fan.

* * *

Review by Amy

Don’t you love books that pull you right into the story from page one and hold you there until the last page? Gator by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey did just that for me. These authors always promise well developed characters which they delivered in Gabriel and Alysa. Throw in a suspenseful plot, intense action, smoking hot passion and you have a story that is hard to put down.

Gabriel (Gabe) receives a message from his best friend Manuel that his sister Alysa (Alli) might be in trouble and needs Gabe to protect her. Of course Gabe doesn’t think twice because he has been in love with Alli since he was a teen and responds to the call. Problem is Alli doesn’t believe she needs protection least of all from Gabe, her first true love that left her without a good-bye and a broken heart. This was a great start to the story and I really fell in love with the characters from the beginning. Their romance is quite captivating.

Almeida and Aubrey do an unbelievable job of showing us what is going on in Gator. They have such a talent for transporting the reader into the story where we not only feel the characters’ emotions, but taste the foods, smell the scents and feel aspects of a scene right along with the characters. Not just during the internal dialogue but also during the insane action scenes and sensual intimate ones.

I am always wary of romantic suspense novellas that are not part of a larger series because it seems difficult to write such a suspenseful plot along with a romance between two well developed characters all in such a short time period, but Almeida and Aubrey nailed it in Gator. The suspense and action had the right amount of build up and climax. The romance and intimacy rolled right into all of it – it wasn’t forced or misplaced. And the twist at the end was perfect. I highly recommend you give Gator a read. You will love this perfectly blended romantic suspense!

* * *

About the Book:

Title: Gator (A.W.E. Crew novella in Desiree Holt’s Omega Team World)

Authors: Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey

Release Date: May 24, 2016

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC received from Authors 

Book Summary:

He gave her up once…

Gabriel “Gator” Moreno arrives in Florida ready to face his past, exorcise his demons and settle an old debt. To kill three birds with one stone, he has pledged to keep Alysa Cortez, his old friend’s sister and the woman who owns his heart, safe from the gang hunting her. What he isn’t ready for is the revulsion he finds in Alysa’s eyes when she sees him at her doorstep.

She loved him once…

Alysa Cortez never expected to see Gabriel in his old stomping grounds six years after he hightailed out of Tampa and straight into the arms of Uncle Sam. Neither did she expect the burn of betrayal to morph back into desire when she came face-to-face with the new law-abiding, hard-muscled and hot-as-hell soldier. When her brother’s legacy sinks its claws into her, she must put her trust in the one man who’s already broken her heart once—and is bound to do it again.


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