Review & Giveaway: RENDEZVOUS by Skye Jordan

What a fantastic read! Rendezvous is another must-read in the fabulous Renegades series by Skye Jordan. If you like undeniable sexual chemistry, characters that tug at your heart, an exciting plot, and an ending that will leave you with a smile on your face, give Rendezvous a try.

32497257Keaton is a Renegade – one of those sexy, badass, stuntmen. Brooke is a personal assistant to a narcissistic celebrity (I have another term but can’t use it in a public review). Keaton and Brooke are friends that haven’t seen one another in a year and when they reconnect the story takes off and doesn’t stop until the last page.

Jordan’s characters are always strong, smart and you fall for them right away. I liked that Brooke got angry at times over having pity party for herself. I really enjoyed Keaton’s personality as well. He is just so nice. There is always amazing passion between the hero and heroine in one of Jordan’s books and the love scenes in Rendezvous are phenomenal. Even when they are a bit naughty, they maintain an intimate feel that has you hanging on every word you read and a little turned on.

In addition to the love scenes that we all expect to read in a Renegades book, there is so much story in Rendezvous. Jordan is a great storyteller and brings the reader such pleasure with her unique plot that had me reading as fast as I could but also slowing down so I didn’t miss a thing. If you like to feel the whole gamete of emotions while reading, Rendezvous will do this for you.

As with any series, I love the appearance of characters from previous books and Rendezvous does not disappoint in this area. It’s like coming home when the gang is all together! If you are looking for a smoking hot, sexy contemporary romance I highly recommend Rendezvous by Skye Jordan.

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About the Book

Keaton Holt knows all about the badass throwdown—on the movie set and in the bedroom. As the only sixth-degree black belt stuntman for Renegades, he’s made a career of translating those fighting skills to the big screen. He’s sown his oats and is ready for hometown and apple pie. Too bad his rough exterior is a magnet for the women who think vanilla sex includes a drawerful of sex toys that could pass as weapons of mass destruction. So when he gets a second chance with the stunning personal assistant who looks like an angel and feels like home, he knows she’s exactly what he needs—and he’s ready to use all his best moves to keep her this time.

With a demanding new boss and a chronically ill nephew, the last thing Brooke Dempsey needs in her life is one more problem. Even if that problem is a sexy stuntman who knows exactly how she likes it. Keaton is just passing through, while Brooke is just settling in. Her nephew depends on Brooke, and her life is dedicated to getting him through this health crisis, but she’s not going to make the same mistake and part ways with Keaton before taking the chance to love him—just once.

But when Keaton pushes for a future, Brooke finds her heart torn over going after the love of a lifetime or giving her nephew a lifetime of happiness.

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About the Author

joanswan-skyejordan_headshotSkye’s New York Times bestselling novels are all about enjoying that little wild streak we all have, but probably don’t let out often enough. About those fantasies we usually don’t get the opportunity to indulge. About stretching limits, checking out the dark side, playing naughty and maybe even acting a little wicked. They’re about escape and fun and pleasure and romance. And, yes, even love, because Skye is ultimately a romantic at heart and a happily ever after kinda gal. Skye also writes romantic suspense as Joan Swan, weaving fast paced novels of passion, danger and suspense.

Skye is a California native recently transplanted to the East Coast and living in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside Washington DC with her husband of 25 years. She has two grown daughters in college in Colorado and Oregon. In her free time she loves rowing on the Potomac. She’s always learning, attending courses and seminars in art and history and cooking.

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