Review: MERRIED by Jamie Farrell

Merried by Jamie Farrell is an enjoyable, flirty contemporary romance with a dash of mystery and suspense thrown in. Farrell’s ability to create original and unique characters in the same series is what has me coming back for more with each book. I was very excited that there is a bit of mystery in the plot as well.

30334034Max and Merry are two of my favorite characters in this series. They are perfect for each other. The chemistry is palpabale. Even when she fought it all the way for what she believed as a solid decision, she couldn’t help but be led by her heart always back to Max. Their conversation and interactions are so comfortable even while fighting. I enjoyed the maturity in Max and how he always wanted to help Merry with her own personal demons. The love scenes in Merried are smokin hot. With each book in the series you never know how many love scenes will show up, if any, and they always fit the story and character fantastically. Max and Merry’s romance was fun to watch from start to end, including the flashbacks of their earlier time together.

Each chapter started off with an excerpt from a Phoebe Moon book (a children’s book series written by Merry under a pen name) and the conversation between Merry and Phoebe in Merry’s mind is just hilarious. I can’t help but picture all authors I know talking to their characters like this at times. It was a fun aspect of the story and added yet another layer to Merry and the story.

The reason Merry was back in Bliss was because her mother was getting married again. The relationship between Merry and her Mom was so sweet to watch. Merry wanted nothing more than for her mom to be happy and the same held true for her mom. Family relationships are always touching and make you smile. The relationship between Merry and her Dad, however, was a bit more contentious. She had her hands full with him and it shaped her life. The ending with regards to her Father was not what I saw coming at all, but it was perfect.

Each of Farrell’s Misfit Brides books can be read as stand alones and if you are looking for a contemporary romance to read, give Merried a try. It shows Farrell’s fantastic story telling as well as her unique and sometimes quirky characters. I always have a warm heart and a happy sigh at the end of each book she writes.

Reviewed by Amy

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