Review: HOLIDAY WITH A TWIST by Shannon Stacey

Holiday with a Twist by Shannon Stacey is the perfect holiday romance. Stacey is an auto-read for me based on previous books because I know her writing will be fantastic, her characters will be lovable and there will be some sexy times for the couple too.

31201039In Holiday with a Twist, Croy and Leigh find themselves reuniting once again. Friends growing up, but spending the last several years in different states, they have made peace with one another after a bad situation over a mutual friend. Leigh is back home for the holidays and unexpected to both of them; Leigh and Croy explore these foreign feelings for each other.

Stacey writes smart characters with tough choices and real conflict. Novellas can be hit or miss with me due to the length of the story but Stacey always seems to make it work. Leigh and Croy date over a three week period and in that time frame we get to be a part of their budding romance, conflict over what to do when that time is up and spend some intimate time with them. It’s a perfect blend of watching Leigh figure out what to do with her life after some big changes and the romance aspect between her and Croy.

Stacey knows how to write fabulous holiday novellas and Holiday with a Twist is another one to add to her list. If you are looking for a sexy holiday romance to distract you from the hustle and bustle of the season, give Holiday with a Twist a try!

Reviewed by Amy

(Amy purchased a copy of this book from Amazon.)

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