Review: LOVING DEEP by Tracey Devlyn

Loving Deep by Tracey Devlyn was a surprise for me. The story has Devlyn’s fantastic storytelling, detailed plot, as well as interesting and endearing characters but the plot was not one I expected loving.

30551610I admit that when I first started reading this I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy it. I love all of Devlyn’s other stories and I trust her writing so I wanted to read Loving Deep. It’s just that the subject matter isn’t something that would typically spark my interest. However, it was the hero, Britt that made me love what he was passionate about. His quirkiness with Randi but his love for animals is so completely endearing. Randi is a good match for him in that she understood his passion and was a reasonable, independent woman who sees him for what he is, bad moods, overreactions and all.

Randi and Britt’s relationship was a rocky one, though. She was wary of getting involved with someone similar to her mom – someone who hurt her many times growing up. In a change of roles it was Britt that was the unreasonable one most of the time and Randi was level headed. Britt put his foot in his mouth often too. I wondered how Randi could stand to forgive him sometimes. It made their romance different and exciting because I never knew how a situation would play out. Britt and Randi’s story is one that will leave you with a happy and joyful heart when you finish the book.

Leave it to Devlyn to provide us with a unique suspense story. And she sure can write evil villains. At first the bad guys are shown as polished and upper class which makes you assume they are above certain things, but at the end of the book, you see their true colors. I couldn’t believe the evil that lurked under their fancy clothes and money.

There is a lot more I would love to tell you about Loving Deep, but you need to go read it for yourself. It is a wonderful story that will provide you with hours of entertainment. It brings together the Steele family for one of their biggest adventures yet. While I have read these books a bit out of order and they can be read on their own, I think the experience is best when they are read in order.

If you are looking for a romantic suspense story that combines a fresh plot, realistic romance, and a family that will support you with no questions asked, give Loving Deep a read.

Reviewed by Amy

(Amy voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.)

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