Review: FLASHFIRE by Deborah Cooke

In Flashfire by Deborah Cooke, famous illusionist Lorenzo has been denying his true nature for centuries. Born a dragon, Lorenzo turned his back on the Pyr and instead concentrated on caring for his father. Then one night during a performance at his show in Las Vegas, his firestorm ignites and much to his surprise, his mate is paparazzi photographer, Cassie Redmond. Despite what should have been a one night stand to satisfy the firestorm, Lorenzo and Cassie can’t stay away from each other. Lorenzo has a huge spectacle planned to fake his death and he wants Cassie to join him in his new life. As the evil Slayers descend on Las Vegas and threaten Cassie, Lorenzo must tap into his dragon side and defend his mate. Will Lorenzo finally join the Pyr? Will Cassie join Lorenzo in his new life?

Like all of the dragons in this series, Lorenzo is 100% pure alpha male. Lorenzo controls his life with an iron fist and his firestorm igniting is nothing more than a distraction. Once he spends more time with Cassie and slowly falls for her, he is determined to protect her no matter what.

Cassie is a huge skeptic. She doubts that Lorenzo is a dragon even when she sees him transform with her own eyes. Cassie questions everything, including their relationship. Eventually she is persuaded by Lorenzo that what they have is real.

Flashfire is the seventh book in the Dragon Fire Series (not a standalone read!). Cooke has done a fantastic job of creating a paranormal world that remains fresh and stands out in the shape shifting genre. Her unique plot lines and interesting characters make this series a must read for any PNR fan.

Title: Flashfire

Author: Deborah Cooke

Category: Paranormal Romance

Source: Checked out from library

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