Review: RUN THE RISK by Lori Foster

In Run the Risk by Lori Foster, Detective Logan Riske is determined to solve the murder of his best friend. Following up on a potential lead, Logan goes undercover to get information from Pepper Yates. Pepper is hiding from a crime boss and is undercover herself. No one would suspect that plain Sue Meeks, an apartment manager, is actually the drop dead gorgeous Pepper Yates. When her new tenant and next door neighbor moves in, Pepper can’t help but notice he’s hot, but she knows she has to keep him at a distance just like everyone else. Will Logan be able to get Sue/Pepper to open up to him? Can Sue/Pepper resist the temptation that is Logan Riske?

Pepper definitely picked the wrong career for herself! She should have gone into acting. Her transformation into Sue Meeks is nothing short of amazing. Everything she did from her appearance to her demeanor was done to divert attention away from her. When she finally breaks her cover, Logan is shocked by the confident sexy siren that emerges.

The chemistry between Pepper and Logan starts out at a low boil but by the end of the book it’s at a raging boil. There are some interesting love scenes between Sue/Pepper and Logan, mainly because of the rules she sets for their entanglement. Once Pepper throws off her disguise, she more than makes up for lost time with Logan.

There is a lot of intrigue in this book that makes for an interesting plot. Not so much as to who committed the murder but as to who knows what. The only people that seem trustworthy until the end of the book is Logan and his brother.

Run the Risk is the first book in the Love Undercover series by Lori Foster. Always a guaranteed good read, Foster once again delivers with sexy leading characters and an intriguing, suspenseful plot. Readers who love romantic suspense should give this book a read.

Title: Run the Risk (Love Undercover, #1)

Author: Lori Foster

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: Checked out from library

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