Review: SWEET SERENDIPITY by Jamie Farrell

I just finished Sweet Serendipity by Jamie Farrell with a happy sigh and big smile on my face. Wyatt and Skye are not like any other couple I have read about given the fact they grew up together. This isn’t a typical friends to lovers story. Skye didn’t even like Wyatt most of the time they were growing up! And I totally would have felt the same way as Skye because I don’t always want my husband’s “help”. Add in an adorably accident-prone 9 year old boy and you have an engaging and sweet story that allows you to escape reality and get away to Hope Falls for a bit.

Wyatt and Skye’s romance starts out pretty rocky and memories keep surfacing for each of them as the week goes on – some good and some bad. I adored Wyatt’s nephew Nicholas and how he added to the love story in bringing Wyatt and Skye together without them even realizing it. Things would have gone a lot different if he was not in the story. The intimate moments sprinkled throughout the story had you pulling for both of characters to give into love they held for each other.

Farrell always surprises me with her stories. They are new, fresh, and adorable and Sweet Serendipity is one of them. I don’t always know I am reading a book by Farrell. Each book she writes is so completely original and her characters are so different from her last story. That combined with her great┬ástorytelling is what keeps me coming back for more books.

I don’t want to say too much and spoil the story for you, so just know that Sweet Serendipity is the perfect contemporary romance novella with the right amount of sweet and heat for the story and characters. I haven’t read any other Hope Falls Kindle World stories, but after this one I am going to check them out. It sounds like a fun and magical place!

Title: Sweet Serendipity (A Hope Falls novella)

Author: Jamie Farrell

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: ARC received from Author


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