Review: THRILL ME by Olivia Cunning

When the series last focused on Owen and Caitlyn, Owen had just rocked her world. Fresh off a divorce from her dull husband, Owen was just what Caitlyn needed. Except Owen wants more from Caitlyn than a quick fling and he’s willing to be her boy toy until she realizes Owen is the man for her. In the meantime, there’s trouble brewing within the band that could spell big trouble. Kellen, Owen’s BFF, is ignoring Owen, much to his disappointment. Lindsay, the pregnant groupie is still hanging around and making things awkward for everyone, particularly Owen. Can Owen convince Caitlyn to commit to him? Will Sole Regret survive the drama that is breaking out? Who is the father of Lindsay’s child?

Although Gabe is still my favorite in this series, I think Owen is creeping up there. First of all, he is a nice guy and puts Lindsay up at his place because she has no where else to go. Owen is still close to his family and he still listens to what his mom has to say. Lastly, Owen prays every night to keep his soldier brother safe while he is overseas. How can you not like a guy with an awwww factor this big?

Caitlyn and Owen definitely heat up the pages in this installment. Caitlyn even makes up a written list of fantasies she wants to act out with Owen, including props. Owen, of course, is more than happy to add a few of his own to her list.

I wish I could say that things have been resolved after the massive cliffhanger in Treat Me, but sadly they haven’t . In fact, Cunning even adds more misery to the steaming pile and leaves readers with another cliffhanger. Cunning does promise in the afterwards that things will get resolved so hopefully no more reading devices will be injured from being flung across rooms.

Thrill Me is the ninth book in the One Night with Sole Regret series (it is NOT a standalone read ). As usual, Cunning creates dynamic characters that become more complex with each installment. And of course , this book features spicy love scenes that will keep you very warm. Anyone who enjoys an excellent serial erotic romance should definitely check this series out.

Title: Thrill Me (Sole Regret, #9)

Author: Olivia Cunning

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: Purchased from Amazon

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