Review: WILD KISSES by Skye Jordan

Wild Kisses by Skye Jordan is a sexy, passionate, heart wrenching, yet incredibly lovely contemporary romance story. I have always enjoyed Jordan’s stories but some resonate with me more than others. I am a sucker for a bad boy who is really a good guy down deep. I am also a sucker for a heroine that doesn’t play games in her relationships and takes control of her own life. Wild Kisses had both of these which made me fall insanely in love with both Trace and Avery.

Trace is an ex-con who is also a contractor hired to renovate an old bar into a beautiful cafe and bakery for Avery. He is working hard to shed his image of being a bad boy. Avery is back in town after a failed marriage and trying to move past the lonely life she has known for so many years. These two strong characters are dynamic when together. They both have a lot of compassion for their family and friends and are incredibly driven in their business worlds as well. From the moment Tracy and Avery acted on their attraction to one another it was explosive. The chemistry was off the charts and their passion was undeniable.

Jordan is a fantastic writer developing interesting plots, deep and lovable characters and love scenes. They are written in a way that you are physically feeling what the characters feel. Your heart bursts with joy or pain. You have to catch your breath after the love making scenes (and squirm a little while reading). I don’t know anyone that can read her books and not feel what the characters are going through. When I was reading Wild Kisses, I was pulled into the story so completely that I lost track of time and where I was.

In addition to Trace and Avery, the addition of JT (an ex-con that causes quite a bit of trouble for the pair), Zane (Trace’s brother) and George (Trace’s father), really rounded out the story well. They pulled in separate plot lines that added to Trace’s character and set us up for another interesting book in the series. Jordan’s writing is so smooth and she moves from one scene or character to the next flawlessly.

Something I love about a series is that you get to know many supporting characters that re-appear in each book. Delaney and Ethan from Forbidden Fling showed up often, which was entertaining. Even a villain I wish Skye would really do something with, Austin Hayes, showed up a few times. I loved going back to the town of Wildwood to be a part of the cafe and bakery makeover and see what was going to happen to the old bar that was such a downer for the town. It filled my heart with joy.

I can’t say enough good things about Wild Kisses. I just loved this story so much. The action, the characters, everything. It is one of my absolutely favorites of Skye’s and Trace and Avery are now a favorite couple of mine. It’s a book I can see myself reading multiple times. If you are looking for a sexy, hot, contemporary romance with a fantastic plot and engaging characters, give Wild Kisses a try.

Title: Wild Kisses (Wildwood, #2)

Author: Skye Jordan

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: ARC received via NetGalley

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