Review: COLD PERIL by Emily Jane Trent

Cold Peril by Emily Jane Trent was my first book by this author. I found her writing to be smooth, easy to follow with the right amount of description in action and love scenes. The characters in Cold Peril were engaging and interesting which kept me turning pages. Garrett from Stealth Security becomes Marlene’s (famous actress) self appointed body guard after saving her life at a public charity event. Oh and he is a complete stranger to her. However, he knows her more than he lets on.

I can’t say the celebrity bodyguard plot is a huge favorite of mine, however, Trent puts an interesting twist on the idea that I can’t really reveal without spoiling the story for you a bit. There were unexpected events in the story that made the story unique and different from others I have read in the past. I was a little ticked at Garrett for not explaining his connection to Marlene right away. As soon I read his thoughts about his reasoning for not telling her, I groaned out loud realizing it was going to get crazy when Marlene found out. I wanted to shake him.

Trent does a nice job of building up the romance between Garrett and Marlene without making it over the top. She sprinkles the thoughts, actions, and feelings, throughout the story which makes it more realistic to me. I enjoyed the moment that Garrett and Marlene finally gave into their feelings for one another. The loves scenes are hot and really fit the characters and the story.

Cold Peril is a story where the reader gets to see the villain’s point of view. These are always creepy to me and this one was no different. While typically I don’t like that point of view, having that in this story helped especially when things came to a very heated ending. If you are looking for a romantic suspense that is well written with a great blend of romance and suspense, give Cold Peril a try!

Title: Cold Peril (Stealth Security)

Author: Emily Jane Trent

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC received from Author


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