Review: HER REBEL HEART by Jamie Farrell

If you are looking for an explosive, fun, contemporary romance story a little bit redneck and a lot military hot, give Her Rebel Heart by Jamie Farrell a read. Who would have thought a hillbilly physics professor who is a star in her field and an ace Air Force pilot would be so entertaining to read about? This author tells the most fantastic stories about characters and situations I have no idea hot to relate to, yet, I am fully engaged in each story. Her Rebel Heart was no different.

Kaci is a woman in a man’s world of academia and science. She loves what she does and wants all of her students to know they can make a difference regardless of their gender. Oh and she also wants her ex-husband, Ron, a chemist, to leave her the heck alone. I love how different Kaci is from many other romance heroines. She can turn on sophisticated charm or the redneck at the drop of a hat.

Lance is biding his time for his next deployment while trying to get over his ex-fiance who left him. He is restless and just wants to get away. He is not interested in jumping back into a relationship, but after one kiss from a hot, sassy, southern girl named Kaci, it may not be completely up to him.

Her Rebel Heart is such a fun book. Sure, there is flirting, intimacy, and heartbreak as all romance books have, but the back and forth between Kaci and Lance is unpredictable up until the very end. The pranks they plan on one another and the challenges they dish out are what keep the reader turning the pages. From pumpkin chucking to stealing hearts, Kaci and Lance are falling hard.

Farrell does a fabulous job in Her Rebel Heart of balancing out the romance in the story along with the personal demons that Lance and Kaci are fighting themselves. The story will entertain you from beginning to end. If you are looking for a fun, sexy, sassy, romance, give Her Rebel Heart a read.

Title: Her Rebel Heart (Officer’s Ex-Wives Club)

Author: Jamie Farrell

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: ARC received from Author

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