In Montana Mornings by Kim Law, Gabe Wilde is all about change at this point in his life. In the middle of a divorce, Gabe moves himself and his young daughter, Jenna back home to Bitch Bay, Montana, where he begins his new career as a high school science teacher. Erica Bird is also in the middle of some life changes. Erica resigned from her tenured teaching position and accepts a long term substitution job in Birch Bay. When she moves in to her new home, she can’t help but notice her hot neighbor across the street. Then she realizes that her neighbor is Gabe, who is an ex boyfriend from college and it turns out Jenna is in her class. Will Erica and Gabe get a second chance at love?

What struck me the most about this book and what made it so enjoyable was that it was centered on two mature adults in their 30s with very realistic problems. It made for a very refreshing change for me and for a engrossing read.

One of the main issues in this book is the failed marriages of both characters. Erica discovered the hard way that her husband was cheating on her and got the other woman pregnant. Gabe realize after moving to California to make his wife happy that she would never be happy with him and that she was a horrible mother to their daughter. While it sounds depressing, the way Law presents their failures comes across as a chance for the characters to make positive changes in their lives.

Another problem in the book is how Gabe’s divorce is affecting Jenna. Law has written a very realistic character in Jenna, showing her acting out and being angry. Gabe struggles a lot with how to help his daughter and even gets into a disagreement with Erica when she attempts to give him advice. My heart simply broke for poor Jenna and I was so relieved when she stopped being so angry at the end of the book.

Montana Mornings by Kim Law is the third book in the Wildes of Birch Bay and can be read as a standalone. Law does a wonderful job of creating two mature characters going through realistic issues in their lives, which makes for a page turner of a read. Anyone who loves contemporary romance or second chance romance would enjoy this book.

Title: Montana Mornings

Author: Kim Law

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: ARC via NetGalley

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