Review: NIGHTBRED by Lynn Viehl

In Nightbred by Lynn Viehl, Jamys Durand, an immortal Darkyn, is in limbo. Fiercely protected by his father, Jamys has had no chance to prove himself as a warrior and gain his own territory. When an announcement from the High Lord arrives promising territory to anyone who can find a lost Knights Templars treasure, Jamys sees it as the perfect opportunity to finally be taken seriously and perhaps win the heart of the human girl he loves. Chris Lang has done a lot of growing up since her and Jamys met three years ago. Secretly in love with Jamys, Chris decides to take on the onerous task of becoming a tresora , in hopes that she may get to serve Jamys. When her last task puts her at odds with Jamys, Chris has a huge decision to make. Will Chris complete her training? Will the lost treasure be recovered?

I was really sad when the Darkyn series ended. Viehl has created a very unique take on vampire mythology by combining it with history, which made me completely enamored of the series. Fortunately, the Lords of the Darkyn continues in that same vein.

Readers first met Jamys in the Darkyn series where he was recovering from being tortured by the Brethren. In this book, he is definitely more confident but frustrated by the roll his father has forced him into. Once Jamys learns of the treasure hunt, Jamys risks everything by defying his father and leaving their territory without permission.

Like Jamys, Chris has done a lot of growing up since we last met her. She has shed her Goth persona and is determined to become a tresora , a human servant to the Darkyn. The only thing that distracts her from her end game is when Jamys shows up unexpectedly. Chris struggles for a bit trying to decide if she wants to be a tresora and lose Jamys or help him in his quest and not become a tresora.

In addition to getting to read about Jamys and Chris again, Lucan and Sam also make an appearance in this book with a secondary plot. Sam and Lucan are still as lovable as ever. When Lucan begins to act abnormal, Sam has to figure out what is causing the strange behavior before Lucan does something he may regret.

Nightbred is the second book in the Lords of the Darkyn series ( not a standalone read! The Darkyn series should be read entirely before this series). Viehl continues to weave her magic with this dark PNR series. If you love vampires and history, Viehl is a writer that you need to read.

Title: Nightbred

Author: Lynn Viehl

Category: Paranormal Romance

Source: Checked out from library

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