Review: UNEXPECTEDLY HERS by Jamie Beck

In Unexpectedly Hers by Jamie Beck, Emma Duffy enjoys leading a quiet life by day managing her family’s inn and at night writing erotic romance that no one knows she pens. When her mom goes off on a road trip and leaves Emma to handle the month long booking of a professional snow border and his video crew, Emma doesn’t think much of it. Until she realizes who the snow border is. Wyatt Lawson and Emma had a one night stand years ago and he became the inspiration for her novel. Fortunately Wyatt doesn’t seem to remember Emma or their night together. He is more focused on reviving his career after a two year leave to take care of his injured brother. As Wyatt gets to know the frumpy Emma, sparks start to fly. Will Wyatt remember Emma? Will Emma’s secret career be revealed?

Poor Emma. She had been pigeon holed to occupy a certain role her entire life and felt compelled to meet those expectations. She keeps a very low profile and dresses conservatively to please her religious mother. It was so gratifying to watch Emma throw off those constraints and begin to live her life.

Wyatt has a lot on his plate at the moment. He is transitioning to a new sport and is determined to be a success. He is also trying to get his brother Ryder, who suffered a traumatic brain injury during a snow boarding competition, back to living his life. What Wyatt doesn’t get is that Ryder wants nothing to do with the sport or Wyatt’s movie about his come back. It takes Emma’s intervention and Ryder blowing up at Wyatt for Wyatt to understand.

The romance between Wyatt and Emma was fun to watch play out. Emma has a hard time at first separating her fantasy hero from the real life Wyatt. She also knows that Wyatt is just temporary since he has a new girl in every town he competes in. When Wyatt starts to want more, Emma pushes him away unsure how he will fit in her life and what he will do if he ever finds out about her book.

Unexpectedly Hers is the third book in the Sterling Canyon series by Jamie Beck and it can be read as a standalone. Emma and Wyatt’s story will grab you by the hand and keep you reading until the final satisfying page. If you love contemporary romance, this book would be a great read for you.

Title: Unexpectedly Hers

Author: Jamie Beck

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: ARC via NetGalley

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