Review: BARE IT ALL by Lori Foster

In Bare It All by Lori Foster, Alice Appleton is trying to rebuild her life after she helped take down a human trafficker. The reclusive woman is no match for a neighbor’s sweet puppy though and when she learns that Detective Reese Bareden needs a puppy sitter she is more than happy to watch the adorable Cash. The arrangement brings the two closer together and after Alice helps Reese out on his last case, Reese decides he should get to know Alice a little better. When Alice rescues a young woman from being used as a drug mule, she unknowingly puts herself at risk. As Reese tries to protect her it becomes obvious that they are now more than friends. Can Reese keep Alice safe? Is Reese finally ready to settle down?

Alice has been in two previous books by Foster and it wasn’t until I read the author’s notes that it dawned on me who Alice was, which is exactly what Foster intended. Alice is a quiet woman who needs to blend into her surroundings to stay safe. Fearing retaliation at any moment, Alice has created a life where her contact with the outside world is minimum.

Don’t let this shy mouse fool you though. Alice is absolutely perfect for Reese since she keeps him on his toes. Alice isn’t shy with her observations on life, especially when it comes to Reese and his good looks. Several of her comments had me laughing to myself because she was so blunt about her attraction to Reese and how much she wanted him.

Reese is a very protective alpha male. Once he decides that he’s going to keep an eye on Alice he starts making his territory. Like all of Foster’s heroes, Reese is an extremely honorable man with a very defined moral code. Hearing what Alice went through when she was kidnapped makes him redouble his protective instincts towards her.

The suspense plot in this book is very good. When Alice saves a young woman from a drug dealer, it puts her in danger of revenge. Unknown to Alice, the tattoo she sees on the girl is connected to other crimes, including Reese’s current case. Fortunately, Alice has a lot of protectors including Trace from Foster’s Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series.

Bare It All is the second book in the Love Undercover series by Lori Foster. Foster has delivered another great romance with lovable characters and a gripping story line. Anyone who enjoys romantic suspense should read this series.

Title: Bare It All

Author: Lori Foster

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: Checked out from library

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