Review: NO ESCAPE by Shannon K Butcher

In No Escape by Shannon K Butcher, Isabelle Carson is dealing with the deaths of three childhood friends. Something tells her that they were not suicides but she has no evidence to take to the police. On a whim she calls Grant Kent, another childhood friend, and warns him to be safe. Isabelle ‘s warning sounds strange to Grant so he decides to drop in for a visit on his way to his new job in Denver. Once they are reunited, a burning attraction develops and Grant is torn between going to Denver or staying put. As more of their friends die, it becomes obvious that someone is targeting them. Can Grant protect Isabelle? Will they discover who is stalking them before it’s too late?

Isabelle is a force to be reckoned with. She might come off as shy and demure but underneath that calm façade is a very strong woman who will protect her loved ones at any cost. She reminded me a bit of a momma bear and how you should never mess with her cubs.

Grant has been featured in the other books and was described as a ladies man. Once he is reunited with Isabelle, there is no one else for him. It took a good chunk of the book though for him (and her) to get it through his thick skull that his life was in Missouri with Isabelle and not out west.

The suspense portion of the book is what really made it engrossing for me. All of the deaths are connected to a stay at a certain foster home. Even when Butcher reveals who the killer is Midway through the book, it was still interesting to watch Grant and Isabelle find the clues and realize who it was as well.

No Escape is the third and final book in the Delta Force series by Shannon K. Butcher. This book is somewhat a departure from the previous books in the series but still showcases Butcher’s signature alpha hero and strong heroine. If you love romantic suspense this book would be a good read for you.

Title: No Escape

Author: Shannon K Butcher

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: Checked out from library

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