Review: THE WINGMAN by Natasha Anders

In The Wingman by Natasha Anders, Introvert Daisy McGregor is used to be overlooked by men. Much to her surprise at her sister’s Bachelorette party, Mason Carlisle begins to chat her up. Mason, the reformed bad boy of town, is sexy and smart. When Daisy overhears Mason’s brother thanking Mason for being his wingman and distracting Daisy while he hit on her sister, Daisy knew Mason’s attention was just too good to be true. Daisy flips the tables on Mason though and talks him into being her wingman at the wedding to shut up all the gossiping busy bodies. Mason agrees but insists on several dates to make the relationship look more real. As Mason and Daisy get to know each other, Mason realizes he doesn’t want a fake relationship with Daisy. Can Mason convince Daisy that he loves her and wants her forever?

On my goodness! I don’t know where to start this review. I started reading this while doing laundry to pass the time. Next thing I know it’s 6 pm, laundry isn’t put away, and nothing is fixed for dinner. I ended up ordering pizza because I absolutely had to finish this book and begin my book hangover.

Mason and Daisy were just phenomenal characters. They had wonderful and funny conversations. By the end of this book these two characters were like old friends to me. Daisy’s character had so many depths to her. Overlooked because of her “beautiful “ sisters, Daisy long ago decided that was okay and focused on her studies to become a vet. These days her life revolves around her vet practice with her father and her family. She often hides the pain of being scorned and belittled behind a wicked sarcasm. I wanted to hug her so tight in the beginning of the book and by the end when she came out of her shell, I wanted to high five her and hug her again.

Mason’s character was almost as complicated as Daisy’s . Mason grew up with a horrible set of parents but managed to turn his life around by joining the military. The former underwear model and security guard is almost as insecure as Daisy. Daisy makes him a better man by embracing all of him and not just his good looks.

The Wingman by Natasha Anders is an outstanding and fun romance. Daisy and Mason are unforgettable characters and their story will bring a smile to your face. If you enjoy contemporary romance, you need to read this excellent book.

Title: The Wingman

Author: Natasha Anders

Category: Conemporary Romance

Source: ARC via NetGalley

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