Review: THRILL RIDE by Julie Ann Walker

Rock and Vanessa! What a couple. I haven’t read so much emotion and heartbreak in a while and I have ready plenty of romantic suspense books!  I also haven’t shed tears over a book or characters in a very long time like I did while reading Thrill Ride by Julie Ann Walker. 

This Black Knights Inc Series book gives us Richard “Rock” and Vanessa’s story. The story opens with the Knights finding out that Rock has gone Rogue. Or at least that is what the CIA wants everyone to believe. Walker does a fantastic job with the show of any scene whether it is a super action packed scene or a sexy love scene. In Thrill Ride, I felt like I was actually sweating in the jungle with Rock and Vanessa and I felt my heart bursting into pieces right along with the characters at other times. I also felt the love the two of them shared in the more private moments all the way down to the bones. The panic. The heartbreak. The joy. It is all wrapped up in this one.

Watching the Knights take charge, kick some ass, dupe others, and just take care of what is theirs is what makes me continue to read this series. The bond they have is truly unbreakable. Walker does a tremendous job of individualizing each story she writes in the Black Knights series to the characters. Her plots are original and engaging. The chemistry between the characters is always palpable and the love scenes are spot on with the characters and plot and oh so passionate and sexy.

As with all the other books in this series, Thrill Ride sets up the next book’s main characters. In this one we are privileged to read about Bill and Eve. Their characters are as different as day and night it seems so I can’t wait to see how that will turn out. If you like romantic sense with bad ass, lovable, black ops heroes and strong, ballsy heroines, give Thrill Ride a read.

Title: Thrill Ride (Black Knights, #4)

Author: Julie Ann Walker

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: Purchased from Amazon

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