Review: FIGHTING FOR LOVE by Kelly Elliott

In Fighting for Love by Kelly Elliott, Rory Adams, a recent law school graduate, is out to prove herself at her mother’s law firm. She wants everyone at the firm to realize that she earned her position through hard work and not because of who she is. If that means she has no time for fun, well, so be it. Rory quickly changes her tune when she meets sexy fire fighter Finn Ward. Finn is everything her father warned her about but Rory can’t seem to stay away. Finn for his part, is a goner when he lays eyes on Rory at a union meeting and immediately reforms his bad boy ways. As their relationship heats up though there is a huge issue putting a serious strain on it: Rory’s father is Finn ‘s captain and there is no way he would ever approve of these two dating. Can these two make their relationship work or will Captain Adams sabotage the relationship?

I wasn’t too sure about this book to begin with. The book starts off with Finn being very cocky and not likeable at all. Once Rory and Finn met though, I was a goner as their story sucked me into their world and set me up for a book hangover. One of the things that was so frustrating about Rory’s character was her need to do what was expected of her. She went to law school because of her mother. She nearly dumped Finn because of her overprotective father. I was so happy when she finally stood up for herself and did what she wanted towards the end of the book.

I really can’t put into words how much I enjoyed the relationship between Finn and Rory. Finn is such a romantic and his gestures would have even the most cold hearted person smiling. Finn pushes Rory out of her comfort zone and together they make each other better people. Fighting for Love is the second book in the Boston Love series by Kelly Elliott (it can be read as a standalone). Elliott has created two memorable characters in this engrossing book. Anyone who loves contemporary romance would enjoy this book.

Title: Fighting for Love (Boston Love, #2)

Author: Kelly Elliott

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: NetGalley

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