Review: WITH A PRINCE by Jeffe Kennedy

Do you ever love a story but not know how to really describe it to someone because of it’s simplicity but complexity all in one? With a Prince by Jeffe Kennedy is just that for me. It’s the second book in the Missed Connections series, is a boy meets girl and falls in love tale, but has such a different feel and uniqueness that it is hard to put into words. For the purpose of this review, I’ll do my best.

Marcia is looking for prince charming. The handsome, All-American boy, that sweeps Marcia off her feet. She has such high standards for this prince as all innocent, little girls have. It’s just that most girls let go of that dream as they grow up. Marcia hasn’t. So when she meets light hair, blue eyed, handsome Gabriel on the train, she is thrown for a loop. Until she suspects it’s a set-up.

A little later, Damien and Marcia literally run into one another. He is the opposite of what she sees herself falling for. His clothes are all black, his hair is black with a unique style, he wears lots of piercings, has tattoos and rides a custom motorcycle. But, what the heck? He is a nice guy who wants to make up for knocking Marcia over so why not meet him for a drink? From there, things get interesting.

I love how With a Prince breaks through stereotypes and teaches us all to open our minds to love. We fall for the guy or girl who is completely unlike the one in our expectations or dreams. Our hearts guide us. Kennedy is a fabulous story teller and I always fall in love with her characters. She hooked me in from the first page of With a Prince. I thoroughly enjoyed Damien’s and Marcia’s romance as it was so sexy and sensual (fabulous descriptions of smells!) and deliciously sweet at the same time. If you are looking for a short, sexy, entertaining contemporary romance, give With a Prince a read.

Title: With a Prince (Missed Connections, #2)

Author: Jeffe Kennedy

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: ARC received from Author

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